We are the Neo – Humans.

barbara brennan healer

We are the Neo-Humans.

Have you already embraced consciousness, identified with your energy system, and accepted the new world view consisting of co-creation and actualised in the present moment? Have you done your homework? Have you changed from the inside? Have you already aligned yourself in love and with god’s will? Then you are on the front lines of what the love generation, followed by the new agers have already planted in fertile soil for us Neo-Humans to continue growing – we are in the new world, the Aquarian age, the now. If your parent’s were not either, it doesn’t matter, because you are a still apart of the collective consciousness and it’s evolution and if you managed to arrive here at healingwithbeva it’s because you are Neo-Human too.


Maybe you are like me, a bit bored of the new age groupies regurgitating sentences, over simplifying and generalising spirituality? Making it all look a bit too shiny and trendy and smiley, putting brandnames on it so that it fits a broader customer base.

Maybe you are like me, have bleed the toxins out, have unwoven the fear based cobwebs of beliefs off the brain, have cried out from the release of your deepest woundings poison over and over again, have upheaved your life and made it all on purpose, from scratch? Maybe you are like me, you have your own connection to source, and are filled by this connection? Maybe you are like me, real as hell, humbled to the bone and willing to be? Willing to give it all a go, for real.

This distinction is what makes the Neo – Human, manifested spirituality.

How did we get here, and where are we going?

It’s early in 2015, let’s have a quick reflection of current events and popular culture’s progress, in other words our new stable ground from which to continue forward.

When The Matrix came out it totally normalised mysticism and made it cool to the modern person. At the option of the red, or the blue pill, we all went with Neo, didn’t we? Tackling concepts in one movie that are a metaphor to the phenomena of energy and awakening that the mystics have long spoke of.

Gay marriage is more welcomed and where I live in the world, Mykonos, homosexually orientated humans are free. Many of us in this awakening have had to question our alignment towards sexuality, and our ignorance. Where sex makes us cringe, and where sex makes us open.

Yoga, the beautiful body approach to a still mind and open energy field, has became apart of popular culture, there are very few people in the West who don’t know this term and have some basic understanding of it. I have practiced Yoga, taught Yoga and continue to revere Yoga as a vital tool for enlightenment.

There are many psychics on tv talking to the deceased, revealing mysteries, normalising death, and connecting lives to the non physical world. For many who have lost loved ones, this allowed an end to useless suffering patterns.

Visiting a healer is now a normal thing to do! There is little division left from the old medical vs spiritual healing split. The West starts to relax and people embrace all the help they can get to improve their lives. Healers are working in hospitals, Dr.s are working with healers, quantum physics and meta physics bridge all Healers (medical and other) in a way that each of us are helpful, since after all we are one, and our client’s health is the goal.

Eckhart Tolle taught us how to remove our mental chatter and be still. Wayne Dyer set perspectives and intentions straight, while Deepak opened a public bridge from the spiritual to the medical. TV’s heart surgeon Dr. Oz addresses his audience as light beings. Oprah jumped into Soul TV and leads her massive audience to follow. Eat, Pray, Love pointed us towards ashrams and culture towards living for a living. Barbara Brennan Healing Schools and others span all over the world and operate by a totally different scholastic system and vocabulary.

Inception painted our dream world with Leo’s face, and the power of an idea. Helping astral projection, obe, and the dream world to get a little respect in our culture.

The west dove into financial mayhem and we all were presented with many new questions – what does working for a living mean? How can I experience abundance of wealth? If I can’t make it the normal way (get a job) how can I make it? What do I need money for? What does money provide me with in terms of life quality and opportunity? How has the need to consume veiled my need to be fulfilled?

Bill Hicks started a trend that demanded able minded individuals to see a different view of psychotropic drugs. Marijuana has become legal in many places, my own Aunty has a medical marijuana dispensary. Is the war on drugs a big misunderstanding? Is it time to educate ourselves, rather than criminalize the unknown conscious worlds and people that are attempting to enjoy them?

Steven Hawkins shows us to free our minds and bodies with curiosity.

Everybody you know is learning Rieki, or is that just me?

The internet is getting impossibly endless, connecting us to the collective consciousness and it’s voice from our couch. I started with AOL dial up, where mainly the internet was a convenient place to hide our identities and say the worst possible things to each other, do you remember the emails and chat rooms? Still some practice internet bashing, but nevertheless most social networking works on positivity – liking, sharing, pinning etc. Allowing us to push IDEAS we like into our own new version of the available internet content. News media is getting kicked off it’s pedastol as we can share news and ideas directly without the need of a narrator (the media).

People are sharing organs, living without an actual heart, 3D printing, cloning, altering genes, able to see and speak no matter the physical distance, and the list goes on.

What a time to live.

If you wish contribute what important shifts have occurred for you please write them as a comment below.

Something else though really new, and really amazing is happening… People are healing faster, awakening faster, and changing faster (if I have to credit something, I will credit the new age starting December 21, 2012 and it’s collective awakening agenda met by many humans willingness to allow this shift). Very lately, clients are saying to me, “So, the chakras just go back to working normally, automatically?” In other words, health is restored instantly and simultaneously with your awareness, and I can actually be aware of my subtle nature without your help (the healer)? Yes, apparently so! What I used to need many many sessions for, are happening in one. People are more receptive and more able to progress than ever before in human history.

I try to always go backwards in time, not to sit in regret or in debate, but to look for the improvements, the changes that help me be who I am today. From before, to now:

The new ager taught, stood solidly so that many of us could be lead, and carved with great skill a way into the unknown.

The neo-human is.

Nobody is turned away from the door of consciousness. All are welcome, and beyond the door a new form of non-religion is molding, and everyone is invited. The path ahead cherishes the individual, cherishes co-creation, and demands still minds. When all of these questions have been answered, and incorporated we will start to see physically the ‘neo-human age’ and that too will eventually be normal. A sentient being, no longer in competition with the other, focused inward and positioned side by side, connected at last.

You and me, the neo – human, we are. The game is different now, we are. We are in a permanent state of becoming a place of arrival and departure. We are made faster in becoming via stillness and gifted with providence. We go to sleep on purpose – anticipating our lucid dreams and live through them in pleasure and wonder. And we awaken on purpose – connected to our highest self, fueled by good feelings and intuitive guidance. We are co-creating, reflecting reflections of one another, awakening to a 24 hour day. We are sentient, bullshit detectors, we are built from source, and we know it, no longer influenced by survival and ego. Our greatest longing is to be free, calm and fulfilled.

My dedication to you the reader, and me the writer is to present altered realities as simple, consciousness and awakening as do-able, dreams and dream worlds as relevant, the non-physical as coherent and as real as the physical, time as travel-able, death as obsolete, selfishness and centeredness as equals, and us as companions on the vast human journey into the ‘neo human age’.

On the days of joy and the days of difficulty I give myself to this vision, I hope to be a voice of comfort and encouragement. I hope to join with you, side by side, as one.



Copyright Beva Sewell 2015


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