The Great Delusion is Time

Have a look at a young George Carlin making fun of the obvious time delusions that we so often forget are there at all.

Don’t worry it will only take ‘a little while’.

Time is totally and absolutely a basic part of our infrastructure as modern civilization and yet… What is it?

Time is a real phenomena, like a template, or a container.  However, the way time is measured and the way you may feel forced to submit to it is a fabrication, that goes on, accepted, despite there being no real or agreeable explanation for it’s existence, or agreeable measurement in the world.

It’s not a popular idea among modern people living their day-to-day lives that the human construct of time is actually a collectively-constructed and maintained delusion and is currently messing with them.  Time is like a train, and you are tied to the tracks.  Waiting for it all to be over, or hurrying around trying to do something significant before the train hits. How many repetitive stressful encounters have you passed in your life where Time was the culprit.  Never had a deadline?  Never lost a flight? Never missed a bill?  Never had the panic of taxes?  Did you ‘get it all done today‘?  Notice the new wrinkle next to your eyes? Will you put it all off until Tomorrow?  Is it Too Late for you to change your trajectory?

How much of yourself is devoted to time, bothered by time, and yet, what the fuck is time?

Time is going on happening according to the method of measuring it and most people feel behind it, in front of it, out of it, and overwhelmed by it.  I have met very few people who are actually ‘On Time’, comfortable in their skin, and with all that is, as it is. In the instances when I myself get it right, the overriding sensation is a state of empowered calm.  Jackpot.  Luckily for me, being a healer is a way to practice this distillation process, and healings with my clients make this a daily practice!  Without you and our time appointments very little of my life is concerned with time.

The western world is constantly projecting tantalizing words to describe sensations, emotions, fluttering glimpses of extremes like excitement or terror, which all make the present seem like a place to get the hell out of, as if it’s a boring bus stop in a shitty area on your way to a Time of interest.  What a total waist of Time.

Calm is the only point where I feel On Time – In the Now, and am actually producing anything of real value. It might look a little slow compared to my old self, and I might not seem to engage in the stress about clocks or alarms, or your agonizing terror of being late, because my life is centered in value now and the fight to get here was my personal climb up K2.  I had to burn cities down to get here, cities of my own construction.

So, humbly, take your drama and illusory stress western society, take your hurry, take your ‘time is money’ slogans, lack of basic training in being, take your judgements, and boasted self-worth and light my fire with it, at least it will produce warmth on a cold day. unfortunately, that is not possible either, because despite the apparent existence of this time illusion, it amounts to nothing, the only time that matters to me right now, is the time it is taking for the flames of my morning fire to consume the log that is burning in my fireplace, allowing me to keep a calm valuable flow to my writing, maintaining my family in warmth and quiet, while I write this blog to you.   As long as that log burns, I am in the process of distillation.  The moment the fire stops, my experience and relationship to choosing the new log and the carefulness I give to that interaction will set time out in front of me in a calm way, a gift to my future self.  My future state and pleasure is dependant on what I do Now.

Let’s regress.  Five years have passed since I left the deadline orientated career which had me permanently in the air.   If you have traveled for work, and flown across the world, adjusting to the local Time zones, you know how much Time will really mess with you.  I have spent the years 16 – 26 doing just that.  I touched ground and stayed in one place for a LONG 2 month period, the rest was in movement.  From 27 – 31 (today) I am still trying to orientate myself correctly in Time.  Slow DOWN and be on time, with time, and also free of time.   Hence, I moved to an island, which is largely seasonal, and the rest of the year outside of the time of summer, is more or less free to fill your free time as I like.  Sleeping, is one of my favorite new hobbies and spiritual practices – the subject of many future blogs I am sure.

If it is not obvious by now, my 26th year was a total crisis period that needed 2 years of pure recovery time.  I was like a person on Speed totally into the future, unable to sit still, be still, unable to stop doing whatever nonsense I was doing, and start to be. Three years have passed since my Speed Drug has worn off, and good luck getting me to fly, to plan, to worry about the future or the past, to get me off this island, or to stress me.

I am like a Time refugee.

No calendars in our world agree, it’s all a big approximation, and modern man is seen as a bum or a looser if he is not following the common understanding that we are all meant to believe in this frames of Time according to the area we live in the world. Indeed everywhere you go, that society has a different relationship to Time and how to spend it.  There’s just no way to be logical about time, unless you decide to remove it and create your own idea.

“Time is an illusion used to create a measurable stasis, it’s called life span.” said my oneironaut husband Marios Siakantaris this morning over coffee.  Time is the sheet that covers eternity.  If you remove time, the veil is lifted and what do you see, Eternity.  What’s Eternity?  Endless potential available for extraction through the space that is you, in the experience that you are now having.  Being on Time is to distill eternity.  A Human Being On Time is a person who is capable of distilling the essence of eternity into him/herself (inner space) for defining and expanding his human experience.  If you the distiller maintain constant distillation of the essence of eternity, then movement in time and space becomes possible.  Spacial limitations dissolve, and time bends.  The result being, to put it simply, you have the permanent ability to feel good (calm empowerment). I don’t know about you, but I can deal with that.

Naturally, I can’t leave this all to be accepted because I said it, as a philosophy or as a belief.  I wouldn’t feel complete if I didn’t point you to a place of origin, of access, of experience. In the Etheric Body, at Chakra 12 (I promise to map this out for you in a simplistic way in the future) you dissolve the illusion, and see the delusion.  Getting out of time helps to heal your blindness, getting in time soothes your rushing, and staying neutral at the 12th chakra surrenders you to receive effortlessly.

If you already have the ability to open your chakras 1 – 7, then there is no reason you cannot continue on to the higher subtle bodies.  Each chakra acts as a doorway to the vibrational conscious level of your existence, and all existence is supplied directly to you and through you as long as you keep the chakras open.  Once you have reached a deep level of trance, and secured yourself at the 7th chakra.  Go ahead and continue.  Say in your mind the number 8, with the intention of raising your vibration while keeping all lower chakras open and steady.  At chakra 8 your association to your mind, and body change greatly and the spacial awareness of your known conscious self expands.  If you can keep yourself awake through to 9, 10, 11 and 12, then stay in each layer, explore them, and at 12 enjoy the experience of eternity and the end of time as you knew it.  Take a peak further to chakra 13 and you will be forced to see through the delusion.

Please let me know how this goes for you, and if you have questions which I might be able to answer, I will gladly do so.

If you would like to do this with me as your guide, please go to Skype Sessions and book an appointment with me.

If you found this content useful and would like to make a donation, in so doing helping me to spend more time on the content and free information I am creating, I will be most grateful.

In time, and out time, sending you my love,


Copyright Beva Sewell 2015

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