Passive or Active Meditation?

For those of you whom are well-practiced in the art of meditation, take a moment to look into the possible uses and consequent results of active vs passive meditation.  If you are not yet a master of meditation, perhaps these tips well help unravel the mystery of meditation and bring you into a more intimate relationship with the functions and potential of your mind and soul.

Active Meditator:

The active meditator is taken, or taking oneself on a journey centered in an awake mind.

With the awakened mind,  the active meditator may place the mind into a state of being via a chakra.  For example, Heart Meditation.  Heart and Mind joined in active awareness. The mind is a necessary point of origin, and when combined with the Heart – a state appears for which to journey with and through.

Many people are accustomed to guided meditation to assist the mind in discovering something unconscious, arriving somewhere new, or to stimulate a desired feeling.  Whichever guided meditation you might be using, the guide will stimulate a state for you, in which case you can release the need to think and commence your journey.  Releasing the need  for the regular thinking mind to be in control, while remaining awake, is a major milestone for a meditator.  Movement of awareness is the most basic form of healing, it is the foundation of healing.

Active meditation can empower a person who is ill, dis-eased, or otherwise troubled. Active meditation can also lift one’s consciousness to known territories such as the chakra levels and corresponding states of consciousness.  Active meditation can release the awareness of an individual completely from the physical body and one’s consciousness can be projected out of the physical body resulting in OBE or Astral Projection.

Passive Meditator:

The passive meditator is usually a well-trained meditator.  He/She reaches a trance state, and makes him/herself  void of all action, surrendered to what is and centered in an awake mind, and (usually) asleep body.   The passive meditator allows no thought, allows no feeling, allows nothing to stimulate or distract oneself.  Void is the goal.  Passive meditation takes a strong stomach (so to speak) and plenty of experience since what is unearthed by the efforts of passivity is unknown soul material.  Because we leave ourselves undefended, open, and awake within the grandness of the universe and it’s energy field we are free to see clearly without the expectation of our regular waking mind, and its chronic need to control our experiences.

Passive Meditation leaves the meditator free of all confinements, and becomes a natural antenna for law of attraction, embedded within one’s incarnational (this word doesn’t technically exist) intention, at one with Karma and Divine Will.

A passive meditator could find himself awakened to a projection state, such as OBE, astral projection, and spirit projection.

Active meditation is helpful when you are aware of an inner need and thus set out to find clues, answers, or get help to fulfill that need.   My own meditation practice began more as a sleeping practice since the ‘energy muscles’ required to keep my mind awake were severely atrophied – these barely awake states were undoubtably helping me, but my regular waking mind couldn’t remember or download any of the inherent information.  That is called a Mind/Split. This continued on, using active meditation for years to assist my weak meditation muscles. The result being an always better feeling mind/body, combined with a very meek sense of mental understanding.  Like an amazing dream, that you just can’t recall.  Have you had those?

I used to be extremely ambitious, no matter what I was doing, and my mind housed a lot of expectations, which would result in disappointment for the results (an error in thinking).  One single expectation in meditation is equivalent to putting a stick in a bike’s tire.  The ride is altered and dangerous, it’s forced and everything new and spectacular that happens will be called ‘imagination’ since the regular waking mind cannot compute the surreal data.

The awakened mind is vast and complex, held by universal energy laws that the regular waking mind struggles to understand, and therefor, one would reconsider giving the regular waking mind the driving seat in unknown conscious territory. It is more useful to let the regular waking mind fall into a state of observation and even wonder.  Like watching a captivating movie.  The regular waking mind could be seen then as a sponge, a data base of all experiences.  For the untrained mind, experiences which are non-physical, energetic, sensational, intuitive, explorative, clairvoyant and beyond the scope of human physical capability are often buried by the regular waking mind.  Think of this phenomena, the mind/split, like a spam box for everything outside of basic physical understanding.  The awakened mind, the entire point of meditation, is to have access to the capabilities of your soul, and understand the spiritual essence of one’s human life.

Food for Thought:  When you speak to a person from another part of the world – a person whom you do not share a similar language – how do you communicate?  The mind’s confines can lead you to total frustration and limitation if you use your known methods of communication.  Communication with a person of another culture, using another language that you do not speak, will require a certain creativity and allowance of a new form of communication.  Such an experience will cause you to pass through inconvenient feelings, fear of being misunderstood or lead astray, fear of people, fear of being out of control, fear of past experiences, and fear in general. If managed well, if explored thoroughly and allowed, the possible outcome may be the loss of such fears.  Resulting in a new form of communication, a new friend, a doorway to previously unknown excitement, a sense of empowerment and trust in humanity, a path unveiled into a future your regular waking mind never new existed!  The same type of creativity and allowance can be applied in all moments of discomfort, and will yield similar wonderful results.

Meditation was a practice that mended my relationship to myself.   Meditation led me through and out of my limited mind. Meditation is a direct method of healing and returning of homeostasis to the physical body.  Meditation creates bonds within oneself that soothe co-dependence and the need of continuing abusive or unhealthy relationships.  Meditation always asks the same thing; turn in, turn into me, I shall be there for you.

Over a decade ago, my mind was a reflection of the chaos I saw and experienced in the world.  Today my mind is a reflection of potential, opportunity and renewal.  It is a stillness I rely on, a stillness that is unshakeable and a source of constant peace, despite life’s circumstances.  This may not sound like much to the layman, but I assure you, is grounds for a full life, a free life, and an abundant life, far beyond the confines of society, country, status, beauty, and all the inner limitations of a blocked off mind.

If my knowledge may be of direct service to you, please feel welcome to comment, ask questions, or book a session.  During a session with me, I will hold you, and your regular waking mind into the highest vibratory state that you can enjoy at one time. You will have immediate experiences of the non-physical world, and experiences of an awake mind.  This can lay a beautiful foundation from which to re-shape your life’s course.

Thank you,


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