She listens best when there are no words


Turn off the sound, put it all on mute if you have to.

Stop listening to the words, words are empty symbols for the feelings you don’t understand.

Vast emotions being conveyed at all times, in all directions, by all things.

Don’t sit in calculation, in judgement of the life moving and in flux around you.

Don’t sit in prejudice, in distance of what life is up to today.

Don’t sit in loneliness, as if life has never showed you love, a kind word, or a helping hand.

Forgive the guy who treated you badly on the train, imagine you are the one strong enough for him to release his pain to.

Thank the grandma passing by you, huddled over with her small grocery bag.  Alive and walking, step by step.

The drums beat on, whether you laugh, or dance.

The drums beat on, whether you notice, or you never bothered to get to the parade.

You turn in, and wonder how.  You turn out and shun it all.  Nothing is right, nothing is finished, nothing complete.

Every day the march continues, the heart never stops breaking open.

In eternity and out of eternity, backwards in time, forwards in time, there is no escape.

You are awake, and there is nothing to relieve that.

The greatest movie ever written is playing over your eyes, you leave to get popcorn.

You look down for the text message, nobody wrote you today.

How long has it been raining, where is the sun?

Finally, the horses.

The strong smells wake you up in another world of beasts with monocular vision.

Everything fades away, there is only the sound of hooves, and the sight of warm breath leaving giant nostrils.

Big eyes of kindness, of knowing, soothe your itching.

Suddenly you can listen, even though there are no words.

Suddenly you remember everything.

The heart never stops breaking open.

Inspired by Katarina M.

Copyright Beva Sewell 2015

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