Psychopathy; a look into competition.

Disclaimer – your Egos are not going to enjoy this.

Oh Psychopaths!! Yes, it is inside us all, better to have a look, do the inner work and not lay the term outside of yourself;

Do you have a fighting spirit?  A leadership role?  A lust for competition?  Are you an activist that feels often disappointed by the human race? Do you find yourself needing a place to stand on in comparison to others?  Does winning matter more than having fun?  Does the idea you fight for matter more than understanding the nature of the problem and relating to the people who are doing something wrong?

How about this one –  If you are offended in that one particular thing that really gets you fired up, do you defend yourself? Energetically, Psychopathy performs like this:  your back and hands go a bit too hot. Your heart cold. You have the thought to hurt physically, throw something, END the attack. At the minimum your sense of injustice will need to speak up and set things straight!  Legs may go a bit wobbly – since despite the display your actually weakened by the defense.

Yes, even when identify yourself as the victim its still possible to be using a ‘defense’. Ultimately, a defense is there, because it prevents you from experiencing pain, however this is an energetic defense formed in childhood, the defended adult is going to experience the pain one way or another.  Pain is not going anywhere, if you haven’t noticed, the idea is how will you deal with pain?

The tricky part with any defense structure is understanding its roots (childhood – past life) and learning to dismantle it because IF you remain happy, calm, and relaxed in yourself, you are far more powerful.

In my house, probably due to the local politics, we throw around the term Fascist and not Psychopath to point out eachothers psychopathic defense, I guess it feels more modern.  How often do you get to de-emphasize such a painful word?  In my life, I like to use words that are supercharged and deal with the feelings they cause.  Especially when they are pointed at dear old, me!!  (no it’s not cool to go around calling people in psychopathic defense a fascist – that’s reserved the closest and wisest of your company)

Psychopathy has its roots in self-worth and self-love, it simply requires that you be right, over being happy.  Psychopathy is a wounding at its core, it is a deep slice into the division of self-love and expression you once enjoyed – and the wounding likely occurred to you in a moment of great expansion of self-love.  Betrayal is laid on top of self-love, which in itself is the simple absence of self-love.  The person or person’s causing the wounding, would more than likely not have enjoyed your radiant feelings, since it made them feel ‘less’ or in competition, and would need to stomp them out in order for them to feel better.

We humans require a certain amount of self-love, and if you reach a very high level of self-esteem and self-love, without having won anything to back it up (an oscar, a gold medal, money, magazine covers, or whatever) then you will be likely put in your place – ‘yeah- your not that great’ sort of thing.  However, if money, magazine covers, oscars, etc, were the secret of happiness than why do so many people at the top kill themselves, destroy themselves, or suffer from addictions?  It all begs the question, is success equal to happiness?


Are your role models happy people?  Are they wealthy people?  Are they beautiful people? Are your role models kind, and loving, gracious people, or are they egotistical, competitive, narcissists?

Right now in your life, who are you competing with?

What did winning, or loosing change for your sense of self-esteem?

What internal efforts does the win, and the maintenance of such a win require from you?

Has the win put you closer with yourself and your path?

Do you feel free to change your life and try new things, as a previous success or winner in one particular field?

What if you could win something, and ask yourself, how do I feel now that I have won this?

Why are you competing?

What if you would stop competing, and start being?

What if you could be relaxed, calm and in pleasure no matter the outcome?

What if you could let others, do what they do, free of your need to measure yourself against them?

In our world, it seems that competition is the outline and template for measuring one’s sense of worth and knowledge. Be the best and receive.  You will receive, you will receive stuff.

In healing work, this psychopathic energetic construction begins to be dismantled – and much more relevant and fulfilling goals replace them.

  1. Competition in biology, ecology, and sociology, is a contest between organisms, animals, individuals, groups, etc., for territory, a niche, or a location of resources, for resources and goods, mates, for prestige, recognition, awards, or group or social status, for leadership.  sourced wikipedia

Can you feel how divisive this is?  Could there be another way?

Spiritually, competition is found null.  Gaining something over someone else is utterly irrelevant.  The soul could not care less.  IF you have made success with ‘me’ as the central interest, through pushing, pulling, or taking sooner or later your soul will have no other option than force you to deal with that.  The soul is not interested in being right, is not interested in stuff, or medals – these are symbols for something greater.

Success, winning and competition in general can be a very fun pursuit, causing tremendous inner excitement, when on the up swing, and consequently tremendous fear and self-doubt when on the down swing.

Two very important things are happening in our idealism of success for the sake of success:

1. Projection of self-love:

I take my understanding of life and I project my understanding onto individuals I do not know using my imagination. Since these people, persons, or teams are on my screen in my living room, I happily pretend I know them, I gladly place myself among them temporarily experience the imaginary win, success, and shared esteem. (unless the team looses, unless the person is not rewarded…)  Gladly, I create a narrative to satisfy my illusions of happiness. Wuaaallla – I have created a measure of competition, and attempt for semblance, for which to love myself by.  I copy and paste this illusion in all of my interactions with life.

2. Success is everything.

Only those on my tv screen matter.  I will dress like them, be like them, talk like them, adopt their ideas (or script writer’s ideas) until I have made myself into a little clone to the best of my ability and see how many people I convert into my new sense of importance.  I will override all feelings and sense of inner knowing, and replace it with the prepackaged ideas given to me by a successful person.

This can happen with a teacher, a political leader, an artist, a friend, a family member, your student, a partner, a pet – it’s endless.

Competition will definitely help measure your skills, it will help you understand what you know and what you still need to discover – but in no way is it able to give you self-esteem, or self-love.  When the affection does not stem from within and is instead granted to you by others – if you behave – it is essentially empty.

Channeled messages from my spirit guide Jiva.
Channeled messages from my spirit guide Jiva.  The Ego being challenged is not fun, but the rewards are internal and eternal.

At the soul level, very little value has emerged when others tell you, you are good, great, wonderful, kind, etc.   A little piece inside starts to shine, and feel the light, but since this shining is dependent on the outside, rather than the inside, it is made irrelevant at the soul level.  Therefore, nothing has changed – only the circumstances of your own self discovery.  The soul’s sense of unfoldment, of fulfilment, of self-love is absolutely non-comparable to any form of affection given from the outside world.

Psychopathy, divides us from the source of love within and without, and to be crystal clear :  The source of love is not from people, things, or ideas.  The source of love is an unending vibrational plane, that you were born into and can obtain access to by opening your heart chakra and participating in the accelerating vibrational universe.

In my healing work, a repaired heart chakra is the first step towards understanding self-love.  Incredibly, what you do with your life, how you behave, what your history has been wrecked by does not find judgement by the vibrational plane of love that you are made of.  You cut yourself off, and remain cut off, all by your own doing.  Returning to the vibrational plane and source of love is possible with a little guidance, and a lot of practice.

I hope these ideas may seep into your consciousness, and your soul receives the invitation to answer them.

Copyright Beva Sewell 2015

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