What’s the deal with abundance anyways?

A giant word, abundance, and such an elusive meaning. Where ever you go, the meaning seems to alter.

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My American culture seems to project a very loud belief about abundance to the whole world; an abundant person is someone who has many things, someone with a hefty bank account, a successful career-fame.  At the foundation is the abundance of dreaming, the idea that in America one can become whomever he/she chooses to be. Can you see the complication? When abundance is seen as financial success – a consumerist and capitalistic model, it becomes limited down drastically. Abundance cannot flourish in a limited model.

Over my years of observation, and changing physical environments, I have slowly received the gift of removing all forms of nationalism, and have had the extreme luxury of being adopted by many families, many nations, and many ideas of abundance. What I have come to find out is that abundance is far greater than anyone ever told me.  Greater than any book I have ever read.  The further I travel the more understanding of the abundant human nature becomes possible. Knowledge of possibilities birth changes in physical reality.

I live in Greece, where there is another kind of belief around abundance.  Abundance seems to be about family, health, slow cooked food, emotional depth, and time well spent.

In Brazil, on my many visits to Rio De Janeiro, abundance seems to be about friendship, music, physical movement, sensuality.

In meeting people from the Nomadic tribes of Sahara, Morocco, abundance seems to be about one’s relationship to one’s horse or camel – relationship to Earth, how many children one is blessed with, and how many languages one can master despite total isolation.

In Germany, abundance seems to be about order and functionality, cleanliness and the all important gatherings dedicated to song and carefully crafted beer.

In France, abundance seems to be about the social template functioning well, beauty in ambience, depth of flavor, and one’s cultivated intellect.

In Mexico, abundance seems to be about family, well loved and prepared food, and color.

In Milan, Italy, abundance seems to be about one’s personal expression of style, refinement and minimalism.

Abundance is a position of freedom, a way of life, an acceptance of one’s place in the order of the expanding universe and expanding consciousness.  Abundance is the self un-defended, un-afraid, aligned to purpose and the service of one’s highest good.

To be in abundance, is to be actively living one’s purpose, inter-connected to human kind, and all kinds of intelligence.   The state which arrives, is one of tremendous pleasure and fulfilment.  This state is the antenna for what is commonly known as the ‘law of attraction’. Though the confusion people have with the law of attraction, is the same as the confusion people have with prayers to God in a religious sense.

Law of attraction, and abundance is not about wanting.  It’s not about feeling you deserve, or are owed.  It’s about gratitude, humility and becoming a worthy part of existence.  Abundance is about you deserving abundance’s attention.

Most people spend time in a negative current, addicted to self-pity, and self worship. “Poor me!”, “Why me?”, “What about me?”.  Most people are making comparisons, pointing fingers outside of themselves, and saying to the current of abundance; “Show me your real, and I will do good.” Only grief can come of this belief, fuelled by hope which is empty.

Abundance owes you nothing, and is everything.

Are you worthy? -the only question that can possibly help you arrive to the state of your soul’s service and acceptance of abundance.

Therefore, abundance is not about Ego.  You are not meant to be the one with everything on this planet.  With money stored in every corner of your house.  With a closet of clothes bursting at the seams, or so much food that you throw away and waste what you cannot consume.

Abundance asks you to do your specific part, and allow it to take care of all your true needs, which is your souls growth always. Abundance will stand there, every time, and offer you the chance to bow deeper into your greatness, rewarded by a state of bliss.  Abundance gives you, your true gifts, through your life’s service.

Therefore, we can start to see abundance as a substance, a sustainable energetic substance which flows equally to all people, things, and life.  When we allow ourselves to view abundance this way, then we begin to participate in a magnificent give and take.  The doors for this substance is the chakra system. To open the doors, all you are asked to do, is open the chakras. Opening the chakras is the answer to abundance, and a clear antenna for the laws of attraction.

A fictional story about abundance inspired by a message from Jivahealinwithbeva Jiva

The Dog Man

Dog Man, had a gift for communicating with the Canine Kingdom, he lives in solitude with a wild pack of dogs. He learned the language of the dogs, learned the behaviors, made mistakes, was bitten and scarred.  In doing this effort in maintaining presence through time, Dog Man is granted a sacred contract to the Canine Kingdom, purpose is fueling him.  He succeeds and forms a tremendous connection.  He lived as an introvert, too often hungry, too poor, and too different to connect with humans and the entirety of abundance.  Though he found his gift.

Dog Man is beat by life, made hard and eventually has no other option than to ask for an exchange with Mr. X, a local farmer, who can feed his starving body in return of training the farm’s dog.  (money as king, then, is not the goal in abundance, but the natural result. Connecting is the goal.)

The man who has abundance of food, Mr. X begins to learn about his dog.  Connecting to the animal, connects Mr. X deeper into his farm, and life at the farm improves and naturally yields greater harvests.   A relationship is formed through feeding the Dog Man, a wealth of feeling and knowledge begins to nourish the soul of Mr. X, and in turn the strength of the food given to the Dog Man, nourishes his soul.  Encouraging and providing all involved more soul growth – turning an introvert, with secret gifts, into a service for human kind.  Service asks nothing more than presence – willingness to show up as completely as possible in the Now. To tolerate open chakras, and receive.

Dog Man learned, that what comes natural to him, will serve him, will feed and clothe him, and will improve the lives of his clients and beloved Canine Kingdom.

In so doing, abundance, is granted.

healingwithbevaToday, begin to put your head down, and ask yourself – what have I done to deserve the abundance I long for?  How frequently am I capable of giving my natural gifts without dropping into negativity and turning my back on the world?  How clean and pure are my goals?  Are they about becoming great, or having more than others? Purify the doubts, and the worries, with one thought – Am I worthy of abundance?

What have you done in your soul, to be held by the constant vibrations of abundance?  Real as the rain, the sea, the rivers, the creeks, the lakes …. the fish know more about abundance than the collective consciousness of humanity.

Perhaps it’s time to let our cheeks blush with the truth of our selfishness, and explore our worthiness.

What I can offer you, is that as I have cleaned my closets and shadows, and my ego has slowly been replaced by my service (though there is an ever greater need to continue in this life, and after death) – the abundance I receive through my open chakras, and alignment to what is natural in me, shocks me and wows me, and cannot be compared to anything that I have ever wanted and got.

My needs are met every time, and when I am given to, the feeling is absolute ecstasy of a humble kind of gratitude. Perhaps the synonym for abundance is freedom.  Freedom is earned through knowledge, through believing before seeing.  Faith overrides hope and the neo-human with nothing (no-things) or no attachments, is free to experience, move, change and be the state of abundance.

Copyright Beva Sewell 2015


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