Unraveling Karmic Knots

The importance of unraveling ‘Karmic Knots’ for the purpose of healing. 

I started using this term, when I noticed in the energy field’s of my client’s a significant connection – visible as a ghost like impression over the regular physical body of my client was another face, can be a man, or a woman.  Can be from a recent time in history or from a totally different period.  Can be a totally different race.  This ghost like impression was being observed for what is now 5 years and only in the last 2 years I have started acting on this clairvoyance, since I am at heart very skeptical and like to know before I assume kind of a person.  I am not referring to deceased loved ones, that is for another blog.

Well, as I started clumsily, fearfully exposing my visions to my clients I began down a very rich path of energy-consciousness that were massively USEFUL.  For years I worried that people and clients might think I am crazy for my clairvoyance, intuition, and channeling – as is always the case when the non-physical world begins to be just as real as the physical world, walking two worlds takes practice, validation and lot’s of supervision.

Usefulness, is to me, the highest measure of service and purpose a life can have.  At a certain point, I found myself consumed by a deeper method than anything I had learned, using my energy-body vehicle-Etheric Body as an antenna and channel for the Etheric Body of my client.

There are times when regression into the early experiences of this life time are the keys to unravel a person’s karma and thus free them from the woundings of this life time, unlocking their gifts – and then there are times when digging and digging into the past of this life time comes up short-handed, and allusive. 

“ I can’t explain why I …………………”.

“ I fear death.”

“ I can’t get out of a negative pattern.”

“ I can’t understand why this keeps happening to me.”

If this is you, I suggest you try a past life healing.

I have come to understand that the woundings of this lifetime, visible in the field ‘the energy field’ or in my vocabulary the entire Etheric Body are not even close to what is really going on.  (I am not referring to Barbara Brennan’s etheric field of the 5th chakra and 5th level). I am instead referring to what I call the entire subtle body inclusion of chakras 1 – 15.  Chakra 1 – 7 in relation to the physical body and personality, and Chakras 7 – 15 holding consciousness beyond the non-physical body, extending to other lifetimes, spirit guides, personal genius and higher self to put it mildly.   

I am classically trained to handle chakras 1 – 7, however the impact of the higher chakras on the individual personality or Ego of an incarnated human being is undoubtably the most powerful healings I have seen take place.  Dare I say – resuting in miraculous physical healing and tremendous changes to the quality of a person’s current life, immediately. 

Karma, is found in the finger tip, and beyond to the edge of the 15th level and further.  What is important to understand, is that the ability to see into Karma, to unfold the knot, reveals an immeasurable surplus of potential and progress to the evolution of one’s soul and life task. 

Karma, as is popularly used, has a cause and affect relationship towards an individual and that individuals circle of friends, loved ones and family.  Karma, many people say is something to be careful about – a kind of fear based instruction of what not to do.  Don’t do that it’s bad Karma. You have heard this before, I suppose?

Karma is intensely complex, but it is not, I assure you, built out of fear.  Karma extends to the person in this life, the extended existence of other life times (however many), the nations Karma, the families Karma, the planet’s Karma.  Naturally, the deeper you look the more you may discover connection to the whole of existence – the interconnectedness of all things.

Care taking, a distorted form of love, is to adopt another persons Psychic Karma.  A very dangerous, and unnecessary choice done out of the inability to understand the meaning of and complications of a person’s difficulties and to ‘Un-Ravel Karmic Knots’. 

Sharing Karma is a hefty weight to choose, it is slowing down the progress and distorting the quality of love, and quality of faith in a person’s life.  Both to the caretaker, and the care recipient.  Roughly speaking, my job is to heal Karma, without carrying my client’s Karma.  It is a practice, and what I can tell you is that the tremendous implication of not carrying my client/friend/relative/colleague karma is to set them free on a path of awakening to the depths of the soul and the heights of the non physical realms, even miraculous physical healing.  A process that starts bymy own sense of faith and trust in the wellness of a person, not the fear based pain of the inabilities of a person’s problems. 

As an example, most times, other life times are influencing a person in particular when YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHY a certain pattern is persisting in your life.  It doesn’t matter where the difficulty is, be it your body, mind, emotions, will, or soul.  Furthermore, many times existential fear, driving a person into a confined, safe and minimal existence is rendered null since, if past lives are real, and you yourself now know it, then death is no longer real.  Millions of walls, walls that you knew about, and walls that you didn’t know about, break down and energy-consciousness flood the system, and the unraveling of the karmic knot has now birthed a new, spectacular version of yourself.

A client comes to me, he begins to talk about the issues he/she faces, as this happens I am watching the energy field because as always the client is looking for help with a blind spot.  If you know it, then, you can help it.  Further than this – To Know, Is To Change. If you are stuck, lost, confused, worried, wondering, afraid, then seeing into the energy field will reveal truths that may have needed years of therapy and continued distress – that is years of therapies just to get yourself through this lifetime’s karma.

As I sit with my clients, and my field’s vibration begin to synchronise the energetic field of my client, energy movement starts to take place.  In a short time, I become a medium to the greater self of my client, which is asking for KARMIC RESOLUTION, unraveling karma is always, always, always about resolve – not punishment.  Punishment, is what we do to ourselves when we are blind and ignorant to the deeper message our soul’s are driving at for enlightening, and enriching our existences. 

A painful stir of some ancient memory shines through in the energy field, once the past life and karmic knot is found, a sense of relief pours in and feeds the aching, gaping, hole.  That ghost like image, shows me everything necessary to heal.  I only channel for my clients, what is useful – if you are feeling fear as you read this.  USEFUL is king. 

Wholeness is complimented by the knowledge of this memory retrieval, as well as the unimaginable relief of finally understanding what the negative pattern has long been about – then the best part of all:

The knowledge, the gifts and the experience of that past life are restored to heal the amnesia of this life and this false reality of solitude, disconnection and ignorance.

A karmic knot unraveled, is a gift to the soul. In some cases, in one session, many past lives may come forward for healing. 

I work with a step by step validation process, not assumption, that has taken years to master. 

The body, and feelings and mind synchronise to plough forward into the non-physical and do what I love most to do – solve complex puzzles and bring peace to the heart’s and mind’s of my clients.   

Food for thought isn’t it?

My heart on a platter, my mind an open book,


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