Fail, please.

Give yourself the divine luxury of being new.  New to the moment, new to breathing, to feeling, to thinking, to meeting the other.  Fail and be clumsy if you can, make mistakes and face the lesson with open arms, open heart, and open mind. healingwithbeva Jiva

The voice that asks you to stop before you have started, for logic’s sake, for the fear of being discovered as having no clue how to proceed and succeed in your given task must be seen as nonsense.

The truth is that you are not supposed to know in advance of the teaching being provided to you, you are alive to learn to the maximum of your ability.

The maximum result does not come into being by thinking, worrying, or planning.  The maximum comes forth in a willingness to stay connected fully to yourself, and therefore to connect fully to life in the present moment. Within this precious exchange is a plug that only your preciousness may connect, your individual essence channeling the collective consciousness and individuating that knowledge into an action.

If you are unlucky to get it all right the first time, without failure, you have not learned the long math of your genius, be careful not to form an Ego which must only then be deconstructed.  You received a spiritual carrot, a clairvoyant vision, a spark of genius, that will lead that work horse inside of you, your physical self, to keep moving forward.  That carrot is far inferior to a greater ability learned through mistakes, mishaps, circumstances, and the inability to hold the correct state within.  These failures slowly build into a true form of knowledge, a gift that is bestowed unto you through your effort and commitment.

Genius, then, may flow through any individual who is willing to persevere through failure.  That genius benefits from the nights of despair and doubt that you are indeed a failure.  That genius wakes you up in your dreams and tells you stories of other worlds, and shows you secret spots inside of you where you are a true creator.  The genius supplies you with totally unique ideas, that you are left to clumsily discover like an elephant in a china shop.

With all my trust in this wisdom, given to me from Jiva, I happily give it to you,



Copyright healingwithbeva beva sewell

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  1. very nice. as life comes to me, it is indeed comforting to realize always the lessons and genius. thanks for the reminder.


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