Truth is frightfully simple, and the measuring system is your body.

In the pursuit of truth,

At the beginning of developing spiritual awareness, the pupil must come to terms with the meteor shower hitting the self chronically with a totally confusing and untrue array of mistaken identities – a result of misdirected guidance from childhood.

Childhood is a strong collection of truths and woundings.  Woundings, (mistaken attachments glued to you by the actions of people, and events as a result of karma) create beliefs – the first lies.  Acts of goodness and truth from others, form strength and self love acting as the foundation which your future self will stand.

As children, our parents guide us to make future decisions, to shape our personalities and prevent us from making the same mistakes.  Parental guidance, naturally, comes from the energetic shadow of lies within your parents, family and friends that grew you up, as well as the brightest known goodness, and truth.  Every child must develop further than the ideas given to him/her in childhood, either to prove them true, either to release the self from the lie.  I went through this process from 18-26 years old like a rocket ship leaves the atmosphere, unraveling what ideas others had created for me, to find what was true on the inside.  I go through this every day, however now the majority of sweet happiness is my existence.  And Jiva, my higherself, is always waiting for the signal to fill me once again as long as I remember to choose my life in the face of my discomforts.

Fighting with your parents, and distance from your parents, and refusal of your parents is a very normal reaction to this struggle to release the true you.  Anybody over the age of 18, who struggles with himself, really, is struggling with the overlay of ideas clogging the true self to emerge.  Too afraid to break free, slowly breathing as the bag around his head empties of fresh air.  Acting in awareness is to suddenly realize, “Hey, how did this get here!” – and pull it right off effortlessly returning to a rich in oxygen reality.  Breathe, breathe, breathe it is all for you take as much as you want!

healingwithbeva jiva10

Taking the wounding you wear, and truths you wear into the world will further annunciate based on what others seem to react positively, or at least neutrally to. The wound and the truth play out again and again, making patterns of repetition since only the repetition may bother you enough that you might just do something about living on a hamster wheel of autopilot boredom.

A violent web of lies are woven, and a chronic dis-ease within forms.  As that energy-consciousness forms it creates an energetic garbage bin that fills up with lies as seconds, minutes, days and years go by.

Right now, feel the discomfort of having believed your deepest woundings.

When you see someone, lips tight, eyebrows burrowed in deep worry, suffering anxiety and pain – reach your hand to that shoulder reminding them silently that they are not alone, and that you know what that is like – to suffer.  Don’t hope to change them, hope to love them more.  Serve others by knowing your truth, by making it about you and your steadfast truth.

This simple act will put a pin in the balloon, making space for the soul to pull down into the body, a catalyst for recovery of the self.  In time, you will be the one to put your hand on your own shoulder.

Spiritual practice, is ultimately centered in absolute truth.  Truth is a state of mind, and a state of heart, which flows into every cell, and subtle energy level in all of your existence.  The Secret, and law of attraction, and Buddhism talk about this state, but what’s important to further understand is that it is a very real experience to be in truth.

The body measures your state of personal truth in a very simple way.  All uncomfortable physical sensations, including uncomfortable physical and emotional sensations are a direct result of living the woven web of lies your brain has forced you to abide by and being trapped in the garbage bin of false and faulty beliefs.

The opposite, a state of comfort, contrasting strongly enough from the web of lies is a sudden strong,  Wow! I feel so happy, life is great, I love this, I love that, laddy dadddy da.

Pain of any kind, and fear of any kind acts in service to our awakening, since contrast and duality are the big sign posts we humans were given to choose.  Free will then, can be narrowed done to the negation of life – lieing to the self.  Or the full acceptance of life through truthful awareness.

To feel absolutely honest within ourselves comforts us to a degree of strength that we may birth a deep gratitude for life and the chance to be alive.

The law of attraction then, will reproduce your lie, or your truth for you to see outside of you in the world and your experience of the world.  In simple terms this is known as the mirror effect.  Everything around you is reflecting you.

Being in truth, is unlike any other form of fulfilment, because it is self-fulfilment.  The state of truth is a complete system.  It frees you from outer events, because truth feels super comfortable as it allows you to enter an actual step of faith; living the truth.  Fear is always the beast at the gate of your next evolutionary step of awakening further than the lies. “I choose my life”, said, at the face of the growling beast of fear is an excersize of inserting awareness, the only and absolutely only necessary tool for obliterating fear.

Being aware of discomfort, is to change discomfort.

Acting in faith, faith of your good-feeling state of truth stretches you open into the state of abundance which financial abundance may be a fun result, but is low on the scale of impressive magnitude and deep meaning of abundance.  Truth, and abundance, lead to gratitude.  Gratitude brings you down into your body, it incarnates your non-physical higher state of consciousness and infuses your subconscious to reach down into the Earth, our Mother and thus awaken.

Next, you are a walking Earth angel in Service to this magnificent fluctuating and unfolding spiral spin of awakening the self, and by consequence everything and everyone you meet is touched by your soul’s truth and soul’s service.

Richard Bach one of my favourite spiritual authors was an essential by-standard of my mother’s parenting, since she began giving me his books at a very tender age I was able to keep that voice of truth and rely on it when in need.  It wasn’t that the author said different things then my mother said, but its often easier to incorporate one person’s ideas when we are encouraged by the discovery of someone else we love and respect singing the same tune.  Research then, can secure the truths of your good families heritage, and release just as passionately that which has been untrue.

Richard Bach wrote, “We can only transform our lives in the split-second eternity that is our now.  If we move one moment from that now, it’s somebody else’s choice. ” in the book One written by Richard and his soul mate Leslie.

This quote of goodness brings me to my last point.  Being in truth is only possible if I am also simultaneously in the present. Cheating these principles cuts personal truth and essentially results in self-abandonment, and the prolonged delay of getting what I most want.  Here’s a hint – what you most want is not a thing that you think will make you happy, or a person to finally do what you want, it is your own inner freedom to feel happy all the time, no matter what.

I propose then, that the cure to everything is completing your personal system of occupying yourself as steadily as possible in the now, in your truth, as an act of full-hearted service to all that is.  Using awareness and simple principles (as above) to battle all the lies of discomfort.  And therefore, to fight the good fight, to fight for becoming a walking Earth angel, or as I prefer to call it a Neo – Human.

With love,


ps Wordpress proof reader tells me I use too many complex expressions, I take it as a compliment, since the truth is I know very little about the English language.  Phew, I said it.

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