A guide for insomniacs.

Insomnia, the crossing of the sleep boundary into the superfluous unconscious mind.

The extreme excess of information available after the door to slumber has been unopened will find an insomniac in a land of endless thoughts, perhaps able to watch the laundry machine of said thoughts turning and turning and turning endlessly without relief.

Furthermore, catching the tail end of any one single thought, paying even small attention to this garbage compactor of thought opens the door to a new tornado and cluster of mental garbage.  In this way, an un-slept person hitting the late hours of physical fatigue will be hard pressed to find his way back to the door of slumber. Perhaps slumber was never your intended destination, at least not yet?

Seeing your own mental garbage for what it is, is a part of your insomniac teaching. It is not easy, but essential to understand that you have a mental dumping zone that you are not dealing with, because you do not know how.

Hours will pass where the insomniac has felt that she is victim to her own inability to shut down the mind, and follow the peaceful path of natural sleep cycles.  This difficulty is a split energetically at the third eye, and causes a damning effect to the field and the flow of energy that would normally move as liberating and manifesting currents of life force.

The mind never shuts off.  That is true for all people, and over the years through your insomnia you have a glimpse of that truth.

Our minds are places of storage, like any other place in this vibrating universe. Clutter, garbage, un-needed things, un-dealt with things, other people’s things collect as much in your mind as they do on your counter, in your drawers, on your tv table.

There are three basic criteria that all spaces around you should meet for clear mental access, and clear spacial access to help you begin to deal with your affliction and turn it into a gift.

Space Clearing:

When a home is space cleared, you want to see by the end of that clearing mostly space.  Space is number one.  Empty space is essential to a home, office, or anything else.  Space and only space is a product of pure thought and void energy (potential energy).

The second is functionality.  Does the space serve the purpose it has been made for, or is being used for?

This second ruling star of space clearing will require that each item in the space is used to serve the purpose of the space.  Emotional items, emotional attachments, in other words, things that create emotion is not enough. Emotion and functionality must blend to align to the intention of the space.

For example, my mother gave me a nice vase.  There is a sentiment in this vase, my mother’s love.  Does this vase belong in my living room?  If the vase has no current purpose that aligns with the intention of my living room’s activities such as reading a new book, surfing the internet for research, working on a painting, meditating, writing this article, watching a movie with my partner then no, the vase serves no purpose.

However, if I am about to go to the Doctor for example, and feel the need and closeness of my mother’s love, then the vase can be removed from it’s concealed home, and given a task.  I put a flower, and fresh water, send a prayer of love to my Mom and thank her for this physical vibrational comfort and give the vase a central position in my living room.  The vase, after it’s purpose has been served must then return cleaned and cared for to it’s concealed home.

Of course, it must be said that the vase is powerless, compared to my ability to connect directly with the vibration of my mother, or love as a force, and therefore all attachment is unnecessary .

The final requirement is removability, and manageability.  Nothing lasts forever, nothing physical remains in good condition for ever, and therefore change is required.  Old things, kept for no better reason than having purchased it in the first place, or reminding you of a memory or whatever is your excuse, is extremely dragging to the energy field.

If you have something that cost a small fortune, and this is why it is important to you, although you never use it anymore….sound familiar?  Then, it has to go.

Things cannot be more important than your vibrational newness and changing self. If you have had everything one color in a space, and you are changing, your space should reflect that.  New items, with new color and vibration are very important to a well balanced and supported energetic field.  Remember, your field, and your space’s field are connected.  Every drawer, and closet, basement, attic, etc is a direct reflection of your field.

Original art work is extremely powerful energetically and must be consciously placed in your space.  The vibrational power of an art piece must be used to match the desirable vibration that you wish to feel.  I would say that when you are choosing between empty space, and the wish to put something over there… put nothing, put art work, or put something functional.

ALL MEDIA, social media, internet, music, tv must be used with awareness and intention.  If you are flooding your living room with the sounds of murder casually playing on TV, or relying on the radio to set your mood for relaxation you can find yourself totally affected and stressed ENERGETICALLY for absolutely no useful reason. Setting the mood, and the ambience of your space is going to change your life instantly.

If you take an insomniac, and you put this insomniac in a space which is mostly empty, provided with functionality, and newness this insomniac will quickly enter successful meditative trance.  Getting an insomniac to trance, is getting an insomniac to relief, and then sleep.

The difference between an insomniac drowning in his own mind, or an awakened person crossing into the veil of unconsciousness can be defined by his sense of safety, and energetic strength.

Insomniacs have a gift of mental surfing that you would do well to know about.  The strength that you have gathered in crossing the sleep boundary over and over is a mental power OVER basic physical function, and you are already well trained to head towards astral projection or out of body experiences once you clear out the trash.

Extreme meditation abilities are your savings as all the debt and mental clutter is cleared from your head.

Since your physical space is so crucial to be aligned first, the next is your mental space.  Do not try to handle your mental clutter until you have successfully rid yourself of physical clutter following the rules provided above.

The trick to finding the door to sleep, and finding your way peacefully around the door to sleep to enter altered states of conscious is the same.  The physical mind is only an aspect of your true mind.  Since insomniacs are used to crossing this boundary it will be a breeze to do so with an intention, as long as you NO LONGER give any attention to the mental debris floating around in your brain.

Try to disregard all thought.  Even those sneaky thoughts that convince you that they are important, nope not even those thoughts.  Your mind must become as empty as your space that you have cleared in the physical world.  This may take time to establish, it’s a kind of quiet, an exquisite quiet where you can begin to hear the non-physical world such as guides, your higher self, and much more.

Now that you are an expert in spacial clearing, you will now begin to head to the bed on purpose, having set the mood to explore your mind and then to sleep.  Body well stretched, breathing is adjusted and released as your body is stretched, bed sheets are fresh and smell nice, and now you carefully place yourself in a comfortable position – I leave my arms to my sides with a straight back, legs, and neck allowing my whole body to line up.  I do a check of my body parts, and may focus on something that hurts once my mind has been cleared for junk, I can use it for healing.

Now is where what you are good at from all those years or collection of time being an insomniac will start working for you. You are very talented at remaining awake. Previously this happened without your conscious consent. But now, it will happen with your conscious consent. Holding your mind awake, and forcing yourself to disengage from every single thought, which just like the garbage that you have thrown away from your house, these thoughts too are garbage.  If you are allowing garbage thoughts to pull weight over your emotion, or intuition you lost.

The emotion you desire is wellness and peace, the mind stillness.


Holding your mind awake is your advantage.  Your weakness lies in believing that mental garbage is useful. That worrying is useful, that planning ahead is useful, that rethinking your day is useful. But it is not. Listening with a silent and clear mind is useful.

If you manage to get there, to a silent mind, now you are ready to begin re-inserting from the rules above.

  1. Double-check that your mental space is mostly empty, if it is not decide what needs to go and what may stay based on functionality, and removability.
  2. Choose a seat, or an object, a person, a prayer, an angel, a deceased loved one, an animal, a question to put in this cleared mental space.
  3. Wait.
  4. Manage your boredom, and your mental weaknesses by guarding the space continually from the influx of basic thought, or distraction.
  5. Continue this excercise every night for as long as it takes
  6. In this quiet mental space, command yourself to sleep.  “It’s time to sleep.”

In the beginning, all results, all success, all accomplishments will most probably remain un-celebrated since you will believe that whatever comes of this excercise is just your imagination.
The final news of this blog, is to inform you that your imagination, your creative mental activity, the part of you that dreams, is more real than anything else you know.

Your dreaming mind, is your true mind.

Your imagination, and your mental strength developed to hold your imagination serene is the king of your human consciousness.

All life pours forth directly from your imagination, from the higher realms and chakras to the slowest frequency of physical matter.  Your insomnia, has been trying to get you to your creative mental potential, the bridge that you have now learned to cross.

I look forward to hear how this goes for you, please do write a comment.

With love,



  1. Beva, thank you so much for this article on insomnia this is exactly what I’ve been dealing with myself, and with a little bit of help from you from this article it tells me now what to do first and to continue with my meditation… Thank you so much


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