The Vibration of Illness

Understanding an illness and it’s origin is more accurately described as taking a vibrational history of the way that someone has learned to experience life over a prolonged period.  Ill people have learned to adapt out of a resonating vibration into a morphed version of dissonance.  To my senses, it is rather easy to identify, just as an out of tune guitar is to a music connoisseur.

So understanding illness then, is more about understanding vibration.  Teaching a client to prefer the symphony of vibratory aliveness, and to recognise when even the slightest tuning is beginning to fail.

Jiva for Healingwithbeva

Have you ever owned a piece of technology, a fridge, ac, a tv, or a speaker that suddenly begins to hum, or shake while it works, and you know the moment it happened because you can hear and feel that this object just sounds different?

Maybe it’s a squeaky door, a loose floorboard, a window that gets stuck.

Before it sounded clear, or did not sound, and now, well, to be cooled down by your AC you also have to listen to that high-pitched eeeeeeee and let’s be honest you can’t hear as well the tv, so now you have to crank it up, and then soon you realise you can’t hear anything in your house while you are in your living room, etc etc? And by the time you have watched your movie, you are more irritated and tense, then happy and relaxed.  A pattern of dissonance has began.

Illness happens just as subtly, and it is just as impactful, but we humans have a very unhealthy tendency to ignore little problems.

Most of the time, the signal from your body is telling you that you have just subtly compromised your wholeness, and your vibratory symphony, and you say to that shift – ‘It’s nothing.’ I can handle it.

Well, the tricky part here is that a little nothing, is the beginning of something. It will quickly become the source of several bigger compromises, and soon enough you will have totally compromised your wellness and have so many problems that you are now absolutely ‘ill equipped’ at repairing any of it.

Having an energy healing is the expert return to wholeness within the time frame that we meet.  For most people, who have unconsciously lost the driver’s seat and lost the command of their wholeness, it is a sweet glimpse of how good they can feel.  The only thing that makes this therapy a challenge, is that said client, must try to prefer and maintain this wholeness, without the consistent guidance or presence of the therapist.

So, it’s like having a person come over and touch the AC unit that’s driving you crazy in such a way that you are both cool and there’s no noise, but you don’t know how they are doing it.

Clients who are ill, or even slightly ill vibrationally suffer from victim hood. Healing is about seeing very obviously that you are indeed capable of reaching a beautiful vibrational harmony despite the excuses and must trust this ability with such commitment, that maintaining the state of wellness, and learning exactly what gets you out of the state of wellness is so clear that you, yourself, may become the expert repairman.

As ill vibration sinks in deeper and deeper then the physical body, mental body, emotional body will start to transform according to this consistent intention.  The illness becomes a contract, a karmic partnership.

Of course, karma is not something done to you, rather something done for you.

In some cases, my clients you have certain ailments may not entirely cure and be rid of them so much as learn to regulate them and live in harmony with them.

Somebody who has broken a rib for example may do the work, and heal the presenting symptoms successfully, they may go on to live a healthy and normal life, and on occassion may also feel the striking warning of pain and threat of that rib.

In this case, the client is receiving guidance directly from the wisdom of this ailment.  Since, healing usually revolves cyclically for a persons evolution, bringing you deeper and deeper into levels of vibratory excellence.

Since the soul’s evolution is never over, there must be a sufficient level of contrast available to push the soul forward in spurts of growth.

In this article I have shown you so far examples of physical illness, however all forms of illness may be included.

Healing then is returning a person to a resonant vibration of wholeness.  Once a client has a grip on running the frequency of wholeness, then that resonate field of the subtle energy bodies continue to grow in size and vibrational intensity.

Wellness, as opposed to illness, is the continued ability to tolerate more energy, and more life through your being.  What continues, even though it is in an ever increasing intensity is the continued ability to regulate and maintain wholeness, despite the occasional urge to play the victim on the sideline of your life.


  1. Be a.. I have read all your blogs you’ve sent and I must say that I’m absorbing it more than any other blogs I’ve read….The one on sleep is very hard for me though, I have to work on this. Maybe I dont require more than 6 hrs per night..don’t’s a slow process indeed.

    This one on illness in particular pertains so much to my being presently, (diagnosed with HepC/Cirrohsis and also a malignant tumor on my kidney, which I’ve had surgery now) so this is very good for me!! I’m learning to accept the changes in my body and taking it one step at a time!! Not to mention I’m feeling better all the time…yah!!!

    I look forward-looking to seeing you in October…


    1. Thank you Sharon for your interest, and willingness to consider my ideas for yourself. If you would like to work with me please do let me know so that I make time/space for you while I am in Nevada in October. Liver and kidneys, two wonderful organs, so much is there for you to learn about and incorporate – but having a helping hand is crucial! Much love, Beva


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