The New Paradigm of Care

There is an important shift in the collective consciousness that has to do with the way we care for each other.

It has been more than a few decades sense the love generation brought to the world a profound since of heart orientated compassion, ushered in as the New Age movement.  However powerful this movement has been, a new even more powerful movement is upon us.

Starting on December 21, 2012, waves of advancement in the collective conscious have been altering the structure for the new template on Earth and within human consciousness.  This template is landing into the physical plane, just as every advancement does as it reaches through the subtle higher levels of the universal energy field, and then each of our personal fields.

Two very important aspects must be pointed out.

  1. More than ever before humans of all ages, and creeds are able to access meditative states, altered states of consciousness, high sense perception,  lucid dreaming, astral travel, experience the chakras,and access the greater mind through the dying limited Ego.
  2. The all consuming presence of the heart chakra has now joined the rest of the chakra system in our human progress and evolution.

In the old paradigm, worrying for your loved ones and friends was a very real way to be of service to them.  Extending your heart out to encompass the pain of others, stuffing your own needs and feelings down and putting the other first, rising above and/or spiritualising earthly events, and then of course attempting to push on, or forward to make the world, or others better are all the symptoms of the old paradigm. 

The implications of the old accepted point of view have left many people feeling resentful for what is, exhausted by the constant need to do something about what is, and of course stuffed with emotional pain which confuses the entire purpose of one’s life with distractions of apparent suffering.

Examples of the Old Paradigm:

  1. Watch the news for 5 minutes and notice how your emotions become chaotic, and your own confidence and clarity for how you specifically are doing diminishes – this is the old paradigm.
  2. Somebody passed away in your family, or is in the dying process – you die a little too, you slip out of your own life and attach to the assumed suffering of the other – this is the old paradigm.
  3. I wilfully believe that I know better about life and the way life must be lived so I begin to interfere with someone close to me – I start to carry their Karma or direct them instead of myself – this is the old paradigm.
  4. I allow people into my life to dump on me all their negativity, worry, fears, and anxieties believing this is helping them – this is the old paradigm.

I remember distinctly the time and energy needed to bring my clients to a state of peace through healing work in all these years I have given healings.  Light workers, and meditators around the world have been working tirelessly at breaking through the exhausted and limited Ego of human consciousness and shining the light back to our client’s souls.

A well reflected person, in 2015, has every means necessary to progress into an immediate alteration of his/her life.  Reflecting the client at a deep level of knowing provides the individual a direct path to wellness that is within each of us and provides nothing short of a miraculous life changing shift in consciousness.

In the old paradigm, I would feel I had to battle with the Ego’s of my clients, to brain map the belief systems for them, to such a degree that I could finally point out to them in clear and precise ways the impact of their human brain’s attachment to suffering. It was a lot of hard work for me, and it was successful though it took many sessions to accomplish.  I felt like a vault code cracker, cleverly waiting for the secret numbers to appear and then opening the door to the treasure.

Now, I hardly even notice the brain’s Ego activities, since accessing the soul is readily available to each of us – thanks to the shift in the collective consciousness and the Aquarian age. Clients are now starting and finishing their first steps towards their new self in a single 1.5 hour session.  The soul is quickly appearing to guide the client as I essentially become a medium between my client and my client’s higher self. When the client realises for his/herself that this communication is possible, and provides profound instant results the path is set.

The last event I gave in Greece was a group healing on Dec 21, 2012.  It was a free event, a great showing of people, and outside the door was a rioting, and pivoting Athens. Next week, on November 13 I will return to the same location at AOM – Art of Oriental Medicine to offer the experience of this new paradigm.

To show readily, how available these new energies are to the student of consciousness, and to practice and prepare myself for spreading this message far and wide.

In the New Paradigm, the Neo-Human is granted the ability to be and reside totally in the Now. To connect to Earth, Spirit, Human Beings and the Animal Kingdoms in ways never before available. The Self is central to the entire Earth’s progress.

Detaching from the record players in our minds, and instead accessing silence so that we may find our true self, our spirit body and subtle bodies for which we exist in eternity.  The Neo Human of the Aquarian Age is connecting to his/her higher self and recognising the peacefulness, fulfillment and deep surrender of allowing that spirit to incarnate upon the Earth our Mother, and be of service.

In closing I offer to you a message from Jiva;

The solution to everything and every non-thing is Faith.

To be with Faith is to be held in the position of one’s purpose. 

To be on purpose is to be fulfilled. 

To be fulfilled is the key to happiness. 

Happiness requires only one thing. 


Start with Faith, and finish with Faith. 

Search for Faith and hold to Faith. 

A life without Faith is a life of darkness. 

Darkness will always, every time, push you to find Faith. 

Every road will lead to Gold, even if it is only in the release of death, have Faith. 

Beva Sewell

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