The Heart Waits

I am no longer a citizen of any particular country.  I grieved my illusion of country thoroughly on my last trip through the US.  I have no longer any need to rebel, prefer, or compare countries because I have a new home.

I discovered that despite all the illusive impressions I have adapted as I pulled away from the physical home I was born to, into the physical home(s) I was called to, there has been left no blazing trail of pain as I had thought.

Surprisingly, the people and places I had to leave, are intact, safe, and progressing without me just fine.

Upon my return to each city, to each old friend, and each family member all the old dialogue – all the old pain – was no where to be found.

I received the other, and the other received me. Energy reflected energy and new matter was formed.

The push I had to visit my blazing trail of past hurts, was initiated, maintained and held in the immense capacity of my not-yet born daughter’s love.

Her teaching to me has been a very real, very soothing re-evaluation of my so called heart break(s).

Last night, at the Group Healing Event in Plaka, Athens a long time client and thusly teacher of mine exquisitely encouraged my progress, as he taught the class about the profound nature and function of the heart chakra, in one experiential and interactive moment.

He taught us, and reflected for us that despite the impact of life’s apparent pitfalls, the heart chakra remains, at it’s center, un-jaded, un-hurt, and un-harmed. In fact it sits without condition, pressure or expectation.

The heart is, the heart waits.

In it’s tremendous capacity, all may be held in the heart’s acceptance.

In that profound moment of his teaching, everybody in the room were given the opportunity to exist, rest, and be held in the most humble, spacious, and fluid state of love I have ever known.

The heart chakra is the exact point where our human nature interacts with our spiritual nature. It is a resting place, a true home, always open to us as we journey forward on this awesome adventure called life.

This blog was written on wThe Heart Waits 2hite slippery ancient rocks, as I watched the Vouliagmeni, Greece human butterflies float across the sea.

It’s good to be home,


Copyright HealingwithBeva 2015

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