Five Weeks Master Course

Class Description:
From the Darkest Shadow to the Highest Self.

Class 1 – Shadow Consciousness movement of energy and consciousness through chakras 1 – 3. Healing response for PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), dealing with the lower self, unconscious, and resolving the state of terror.

Class 2 – Abundance and Liberation understanding the energy and consciousness of chakras 1-5, law of attraction and the power of emotion as a form of guidance, setting conscious intention and holding a resonant vibration.

Class 3 – Unconditional Love & Divine Precision understanding the energy and consciousness of chakras 1 – 7 with special focus on chakras 6-7. Experiencing the liberation and manifestation current, attuning the self to the orientation of a life of spirit.

Class 4 – Surrender understanding the mind-split, overcoming the Ego, and performing self-healing. Self-regulation and enhanced high sense perception skills. Karma and resolve.

Class 5 – Transcendence traveling beyond the 7 chakras through to Chakra 15, experiencing the exit and entry of the time and space boundaries. Accessing guides, angels, animal spirits and the higher self. Introduction to Healing the Other.

Chakras 1 – 15

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 15.51.07

November 21 will kick start 5 weeks of intense spiritual teaching, combined with responsive, live and interactive energy – healing.

Class 1 will focus on Shadow Consciousness.
We will learn to gaze directly into the Shadow, both personally and collectively. Furthermore, I will teach how to respond & heal such deep unconscious pain.

“When one of us recovers our shadow, we work for all of humanity by lifting the collective vibration.” – Jiva

Class 1 will begin at the deepest plane of human consciousness, and each following week will rise in frequency, by Class 5 we will be entering Spiritual Ecstasy and learning to live in bliss.

Class Schedule:
Each class will begin at 18:30 and end at 21:30 pm.

RSVP and send enquiries to

Class Dates:
Saturday November 21
Saturday November 28
Saturday December 5
Saturday December 12
Saturday December 19



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