She is born

As you might have noticed my baby bump in the photos on my website! I have given birth to a healthy and full of life little girl.   My current brain capacity for being with anything other than her is approximately 3-9 minutes.

Thank you for all the lovely wishes and warm thoughts in our direction during this precious time.

I have not only the experience of her intense and miraculous life and the incredible breakthroughs of consciousness, but I am reliving and healing my own birth and post birth inner child.  Something I hadn’t seen coming.

My greatest realisation until now, is, everything is hard and painful when I see myself in her.  When I can see her, and hold her, and be with my little me simultaneously, new life and new hope emerges.

Old pain vanishes, and the heart swallows it all up quite readily, providing a deep peace.

Ok, times up, more later…



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