Vaccination and Energy Healing

Dear Reader,

I am not encouraging you to vaccinate or not to vaccinate.  I chose to vaccinate my little girl, and since hardly a day passes without giving her some form of energy healing the day of the vaccine administration was of a higher level.

I am going to tell you what I did and what I saw, and perhaps you can use some of these ideas, or advance beyond them.

Before the vaccine ever left it’s packaging, I aligned to it. Since all form is of energy and consciousness, it is extremely easy to connect to the intelligence or energy and consciousness of this medicine and make damn sure it is in alignment with the highest good of my baby.

These shots were the second in a series so I have experience with the drug and it’s energetic frequency.

The liquid is of an extremely high frequency, it’s colors are silver-blue, it’s packed full of energy and life and it is clear that it is going to hit my baby’s field like a rocket ship.  So, as I connect to the medicine a frenzied frequency develops, I ask that all unneccessary elements be yielded or made inactive, and I strengthen the intention of the medicine to keep my baby heightened to the frequency of health in relationship to the potential viruses.  

To do this, hold the box into your hands, and allow yourself to travel into it with your consciousness.  Always notice your own fears, and lower self projections that you have and clear them from infecting the liquid.  Fear driven connection, is not going to do anybody any good.

Once the shots were administered, of course my baby suffered from the pain.  I did not distract her with toys, or try to stop her cry.   I let her wail and scream while holding her, feeling in my heart and whole self that the pain inflicted is okay, even though it meant I had to calm my own heart beat, and my own suffering to see her hurting.

This pain is okay I repeated. As she calmed down, so did the swelling.  Remember, swelling, can have more to do with the lack of releasing strong emotion more than anything else. Distracting your baby away from her feelings of pain, is a very dangerous game.  I suggest holding her through the pain, and holding yourself in a calm enough state to do that.  I gave her to her Papa once she calmed down and went outside to sit in the garden and clear myself thoroughly.

I had not intended to do a healing, but that night as I was checking on her, my guide Jiva instructed me to feel into her legs.

What I found were two extremely engorged pockets of the energetic substance injected into her.  A wall was being formed around the substance from her immune system, protecting her body and starting to fight the medicine.  I knew I would find her with fever very soon.

So, what I did was this;

I tuned into the wall, between her immune systems incredible intelligence and the incredible intelligence of this vaccine.  Since my baby’s field is still a part of my field it is easy to treat her, more easy than a client let’s say, because my greater intelligence is still her own boundary.

Before I opened the flood gates, I reconnected and cleared and cleared all negative, or slightly intrusive materials from the vaccine.  This feels like low-level, dull, non life supporting frequency.  I got a metal taste in my mouth, that felt unwelcome, and I had a flash of the word aluminum, and decidedly cleared it out.

Then I dissolved the walls, and I allowed the fluid to flow.  The fluid movement strengthened in the spinal column, and hit the brain like an intense tidal wave.  Her brain, began to rewire in accordance to the intelligence of the vaccine.  Her body therefore starting to release soothing and welcoming hormonal frequencies.  Her body did some jerks and she made some moaning, that as her mother freaked me out, but my greater intelligence knew that all was okay.

Next, I allowed the vaccine to break through both the 1st and the 7th chakras allowing the consciousness of what we had just done to connect both with the physical plane, where the viruses exist in reality, and in the meta-physical plane where a great web exists around the planet.  Energy healing always wants to be bigger than the individual, so it is always important to allow the collective to be apart of your experience.

All virus have a meta-physical family connecting it across the planet, just as we humans have.  What’s important here is this, the moment, we pour light and the highest self into the web of any negative template, we affectively change the course of the virus.  Any virus you want to choose has a usage within the consciousness on this planet.  The vaccine then, was helped to move through all energetic bodies of my daughter, effectively, even slightly, transforming unnecessary suffering into a conscious decision for health.

Health not only for her, but the collective eradication of the viruses it is made to inhibit.

My daughter was of a fussier temperament the following two days, but there was no swelling, no struggling, no big drama.  Since then, I feel absolute equilibrium in her field in relationship to the vaccine.

The second night, during her breastfeeding, when I looked into her field to see how the vaccine was doing, I saw the viruses.  Literally what seemed like millions of bacteria staring right back at me. I felt like throwing up, but it wasn’t because they were bad, actually they were kind of sweet, it has more to do with the personal difficulty I have with swarms…. eek.  The bugs, on the astral level, were calm and incorporated.  No different than the healthy bacteria of everyday life in every single orofice.  I finsished the breastfeeding, and left her, and them alone.

Now excuse me while I leave you here, because she has a new tooth bursting through, and I have some energetic work to do.

Ask me questions if you wish on the comments below,

With love,










  1. Wow Beva! This is so inspiring. I am faced with catching all my littles up on their vaccines and I will be implementing these practices before, during and after the vaccines are given. One question? Did you align to the frequency of the vaccines by holding the bottle or syringe or did you do it at a distance?
    With endless love and gratitude,


    1. Hi Teddy, so happy to hear from you and that you find my post useful.

      I receive visits by the pediatrician at my house, and we have the vaccine before the doctor arrives. So, for the first vaccine, I did hold them in my hands, for a long time, working through all my personal dilemmas about it. It helped. But there is of course no need to touch the vaccine physically.

      If I may speak freely, I encourage you to loosen up the details of your question and reread the post, it is twisting your 6th chakra where if you instead relax that search and effort to do it right, your 6th chakra will open and you will see exactly what you need to see and effectively heal.

      What we are looking to achieve is a total healing, and if you have done one as an open field, and you follow through to the ultimate higher self of your kids you will not need more than one time. In order to do that, you will open your 7th chakra, and release yourself as doing anything at all. We are given the vibration to heal, we do not manufacture it. This should increase the vibration and force of your first chakra, even now that you are reading, which will supply the energy to do it at all.

      I am grateful for your comment Teddy, relax, you are gifted and talented… there is no right way.


  2. Hi Beva,

    This is Christina Luna. I met you in Gardnerville. We were both pregnant at same the time. I have been waiting for an article like this. I have postponed my daughter’s vaccinations, not because I am against them, as I do not have fear about them, but because my inner guidance told me to hold off for a little while till she’s eating sold foods and a bit more mature. I also instinctively knew that there must be some energetic way to go about creating a right relationship with all concerned, virus, bacteria, vaccination, and baby body. This feels like the guidance I have been asking for, and a starting point for my own inner guidance. I really appreciate that you shared this. I have been completely unengaged with the vaccination controversy, though I have very opinionated people in my life on both sides. I just can’t buy in to the fear on either side. This feels far more balanced.


    1. Hi Christina fellow light worker!
      I am happy to hear from you and I am glad to hear news of your daughter!
      Yes, you are tuned in and I fully encourage you to continue following your inner guidance. I could not make up my mind and also waited until I knew I could handle it, as well as my daughter’s maturity. She was a strong girl by the time we did the first shots. I also encourage you to work through the influence that the opinions around you have caused to dull your inner voice.

      At the end, no matter what happens, we all have to look at ourselves and face the choices we have made, especially when our choices were other people’s. What people think of us is so damned influencing, because we care to be accepted and loved, and somewhere under the pushy fear driven advice is actually a well intended concern for all to be well!

      The hardest critic of all is within, and must be met and allowed to be heard. Once we have listened to the beliefs we ourselves hold, we have some wiggle room to listen deeper to the voice of guidance. Then, of course, working with the actual energy and consciousness at hand, for one individual being such as your daughter, it is within reason to be able to affect the entire duality and controversy of the vaccine itself into the highest plane of all, oneness.

      Thanks for your comment and your interest in moving forward, and one more cool thing… If you choose to follow these steps, there is now a template available in the energetic field, you can lean on me a little, and through the steps is where you will be flooded by ever personal discovery between you and your precious daughter, and beyond.



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