How to find your professional purpose.

Dear Reader,

A life lived on purpose is an inspired life.  A life of purpose is the gift of being alive. Purpose extends further than just occupation, however this article is dedicated to working while living an inspired profession.

As I lay out how to discover where you are off course, I want you to keep a keen eye on the following statement throughout reading this article; You are the sum of your vibrational frequency.  As I stir you with my words, your frequency will change.  To the exact degree your frequency changes so then will your life.

I am fully aware and experienced in the tremendous difficulties of being in the wrong job, some of my personal experience is written down here and the rest an accumulated knowledge through years of working as a healer.

How can you know if your work life is not on purpose?

  1. You hate waking up in the morning.
  2. Your work is all about the money it pays, and gives you no emotional satisfaction.
  3. You get depressed every Sunday because the fun is over.
  4. You have convinced yourself that you are unworthy of more money, more creativity, or a more satisfying job.
  5. You feel uncomfortable talking about your job.
  6. Anxiety, stress, and insecurity has become a daily reality.
  7.  Doing what you do makes you hate yourself, lie to yourself, abuse yourself, and actions must be taken in order to sufficiently alter your state of mind so that you can forget about your life altogether come Friday night.
  8. You get a kick out of fooling people that you are what you say you are. When you introduce yourself as ‘I am an artist’, ‘I am a banker’, this can be a big clue about identifying yourself to the lie you have convinced yourself of. “I am Beva, and my work is in the healing profession” is a more appropriate mind set.
  9. You pride yourself in ‘breaking your back’, or ‘sacrificing for others‘, or you justify your position because of ‘economic crisis’.  
  10. You are at work one personality and at home another.

How can I know that you are working in the wrong profession as a clairvoyant healer?

  1. Your neck, your 5th chakra is blocked, loosing vital energy usually in both the front of your neck 5a, and the back 5b.
  2. Your 3rd eye (6a) is blocked, foggy and cloudy darkness holds you in it’s mercy.  You do not see, you are projecting a false image in front of you about who you are.
  3. The heart chakra in your chest is collapsed, overextended or blocked totally.
  4. Your 3rd chakra is tight, constricted in a false sense of self-esteem, the result is stress, anxiety and the need of others to tell you what’s okay and what’s not okay.
  5. The 2nd chakra, where your creativity, emotional intelligence and sensuality are diminished, or the opposite may be true that you have an experience of an exaggerated promiscuity, and suffer from overwhelming emotion.
  6. The back is either drained of vitality as you force yourself to continue, or alternatively is weak and you are incapable of basic tasks.
  7. The first chakra experiences little vitality, a diminished sense of placement in this world, difficulty to belong.
  8. Finally, your 7th chakra, will often appear to have an energetic umbrella over it, blocking of spiritual abundance and spiritual knowledge, making your connection to Divine Will and Divine Guidance inconceivable, since you have fashioned yourself as the lone creator of your life.

The typical obstacles that contribute to block your understanding of what you should truly do:

  1. Belief Systems –  Belief systems are nothing more than the collection of ideas that you have gradually hardened since childhood.  You call these systems logic.  A belief system has nothing to do with reality, it is a judgement about reality.  Most people have an arsenal of experiences to justify their belief system.  “This always happens to me.” for example is a self-fulfilling prophecy/belief system.  The belief system works to keep you within your hamster wheel – proving over and over just how right you are.
  2. Distorted Emotional Intelligence – the emotional intelligence within every human being can be considered an inner compass, a guidance system.  If your emotional intelligence is un-healed it literally means that you will have learned to distrust your own inspiration, your own longings, your own sense of self-esteem.  Allowing yourself to feel and process emotion, literally feeds your brain new information and adjusts belief systems.  No matter how bad the feeling is, eventually, it can be allowed enough room within the etheric field to release and what lies underneath is peace, self-knowledge, and a more secure compass for the purpose of guidance.
  3. Defense Structures – Belief systems, and prolonged repression or avoidance of emotional intelligence bind themselves to make energetic defense structures that you have created to avoid feeling the uncomfortable and disorienting false reflections given to you.  The un-healed defense is a lifetime prison sentence, since, the one who created it – you – no longer has access to it, cannot adjust it, cannot adapt it. In fact you become victim to your own weapons of defense.
  4. Inner Child Work –  The un-healed inner child takes on a role of deviance, rebellion, or otherwise immobility and makes it impossible for the adult self to know who she truly is. The inner child then, will work against the adult self, making it literally impossible to shine or tangibly possess a sincere talent.
  5. Possibilities, oh the endless array of possibilities.   The Ego, a collection of all of the above loves to believe in possibilities, loves noticing what other people are doing and having.  Possibility is one of the most distracting elements to living a life of purpose.  It appears you can do anything, and be anyone… however this is an idea I wish to eliminate. It is fantasy driven, it is escapism, it is the mind running without purpose.  You can only be you! Why are still running from that person?
  6. Surrendering wants, and accepting needs.  If what I want has no direct alliance with what I need then the time spent earning money will only go to time spent depleting money in the hopes that those wants will finally bring happiness. They won’t. You must begin to understand the process of ‘giving up’ the decision-making to a higher energetic frequency in combination with your emotional guidance system. Allowing your inner child to feel accepted and present, while accepting that only the feelings of peace/calm, joy/gratitude and integrity/self truth are the feelings that can define a life of purpose.  All 5 inner steps must be healed or more correctly stated; the practice of healing them must be ignited and made a daily practice. I like to call this, Fighting the Good Fight.  Next, the willingness to consider your true needs and begin detaching from the fantasies allows in room to hear spiritual guidance, as well as to receive abundance.
  7. As the umbrella of fantasy finally closes, God enters. This is not a theory, it actually happens in the energetic field when the chakras open from 1-6 and then the crown chakra opens as well.
  8. One of the hardest realisations for most people is that when you live a life of purpose, you cannot take direct credit for your life’s work.  This is often why I credit Jiva my guide when it is Jiva who has spoken, rather than me.
  9. Your purpose is always bigger than you. The reason for this is that you experience your work as a direct act of god, and are no longer attached to it being ‘yours’.  Taking credit, or being held responsible no longer feels important because the pay off for being given God’s gift is the full-time abundant experience of a life in peace.
  10. God becomes your employer.  Needs are met, wants (attachments) diminish, and the ultimate gift of income becomes attainable – Freedom.
  11. Purposeful living is your gift.  The day lived on purpose is harmonious, feels bright without needing to avoid darkness, is centered and rooted in peacefulness and joy. It asks very little, and receives abundantly.  True purpose results in self love.  The combination results in working effortlessly, with extreme focus, with inspiration, working for a greater outcome and income for the ultimate sensations of aliveness.


Start the healing, now is the perfect time.

With love,


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