Stop reciting your story, and start experiencing your true self.

This is a call for authenticity.

There is you, and there is not you.  I repeat, there is you, and there is not you.  Beyond the polarity of good and bad, of suffering and happiness is a true self, and a created self.  You are not your story of you, and a second longer with this illusion will cause suffering.  You are, without a story, beyond your body, way past the limited ideas you possess, larger than you have ever imagined.

I am republishing this article from 5 years ago, because in my sessions there seems to be a central focus at the moment, authenticity.  How to be authentic, has never been more relevant.

Here it is:

Marios showed me a photo recently, it was two fish, with the question; “Do fish understand that they are in water?” 

May I suggest that the concept of self-awareness, and outside-of-self awareness are exactly the same thing.

The question of the observer may also have been, “Do fish understand that they are fish?”.

We know, from life experience that although one event occurred, every person who shared this event will have a substantially different story to tell.  A different story of childhood among the same siblings, of employees to the same office, of a marriage to the same man. 

It seems to me that the more we fixate on any story of an event, rather than focusing on the felt experience of an event, the less we are able to retrieve and learn from it. 

I perceive a common mistake made in the experience of healings, regression therapy, or spiritual awakenings to be the fixation on the story.

When a person has been severely traumatized a major consequence in the healing of this trauma is the story associated with it.  The reason is that consciousness will be divided up into separate mental flavours, a survival mechanism, that could be related to characters in a screenplay, or to a slight differentiation in personality. We split up our consciousness, and subsequently attach characters to these splits. 

One personality will take up judgement and criticism, another will be the victim, another will seek healing, another will be the provocateur, another will be innocent, another will hold confusion, and still another will derive pleasure from the pain of separation. 

I became aware of the power of observation as a tool to heal, thanks to the distress in simply trying to follow throughout my life, what I considered to be a manic thought process of people I was listening to, and of course noticing my own manic thought processes.

In my practice, I have discovered that I know longer have to look for the answers, I no longer need to have an answer, but to receive the being-ness of the person in front of me.  Seeing the energy field, can intimidate people that come to me, they feel vulnerable to be seen, but what should be said about this is that what is wrong with someone is not what I am looking at.  I am looking at what is right. What is wrong are non-permanent forms that are dark and unpleasant, but beneath, is a pure and beautiful star, without form, and holding a beauty and a reverence as humbling and profound as watching the sun fall into the sea.

Becoming able to do this, to receive the soul for lack of a better explanation, creates amazing phenomena. Perhaps for me the absolute essence in what it means to have ‘a healing’. 

The personalities as I have described above, have a form inside the energy field, the more an individual is truly seen, then these forms can move and break open releasing what I call an ‘Expansion’.  It seems to me that the pain underneath the split-up personalities can be freed, and the essence, the pure nature is shining forth, like a star.  This is a felt sense, and even a visual experience, because consciousness is becoming whole again.

So, the fish, back to the fish… The more we focus on the separation, the more separate we are.  The story, in many ways, is the hollywood blockbuster that we continuously sell people and ourselves tickets too. We can heal separation only by retrieving the felt sense of our wholeness, underneath the pain.

I am suggesting that you are whole, right now.  You are one with everything already.  You are beautiful beyond measure.  Nothing is ‘wrong’ with you.  It’s time to experience yourself, to feel how powerful you really are, that this may be the single understanding to put meaning into your life.

Experiencing your true self, and living with purpose to express the beauty within, is the key to life.


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