Magical Realism – Live Healing Event Athens

HealingwithBeva and Urban Yoga Center present an opportunity for a live experience of healing.

Beva will perform individual healing to those who are called while teaching the audience/group how to participate in the healing process. Each person in attendance will be blessed and included in healing.

Magical Realism perfectly describes how energy healing may be experienced:

As all else in reality stays normal, the experience of the non-physical world working through energy and consciousness becomes tangible allowing you to feel/see/hear and experience a functioning energy body. The energy body exists in multiple dimensions, and is the vehicle that may be used to communicate with God.

There will be time for questions, and sharing too, Beva hopes to answer anything that you wish to know with regards to her work, the work of dimensional healing, and even personal readings.

Reserve your seat at live healing event, or call 213 025 3946.

This is a non-profit event.
We are asking for a donation of 20 euro or more, all proceeds will go to the organization of this event, and the film making.

Sofia Markou, owner of Urban Yoga Center and Beva, owner of HealingwithBeva will be announcing at this event plans for collaboration with the purpose of assisting fellow Earth Angels to become healers.

We look forward to see you, and thank you for spreading the word of this event.


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