Holy Circle #2


Because of your willingness the next Holy Circle is here!

The sacred shape of the circle generates an infinite potential of energy and has a magical effect in the process of wholeness and self-realisation.

Beva our Guide is in Service of Jesus Christ and God, she is annointed to heal and masterfully trained.

Combined with the presence of the participants, a Holy Body – Vehicle is created that initiates the healing process.

Last week within the first moments a member was struck by the Holy Spirit present within our sacred circle, healing a heart pain that she has been suffering from for years. Each individual gained valuable insight and awakening.

Beva will be guiding us while holding with unconditional love the vibrational frequency of the group, so that the necessary teachings & healings will be delivered.

We are looking forward to share with you this amazing experience!

The event is open for all ages above 16 & translation will be provided.

If you long to be part of this transformational experience please contact for booking, cost & more information to Sofia Markou: 6977040841 | info@urbanyoga.gr

Read more about Beva at www.healingwithbeva.com.
If you do not want to participate in group events but still wish to work with Beva personal sessions are available at Urban Yoga Center, or on Skype.

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