The Human Energy Field – A Course Designed for You


This is one unique opportunity, a learning experience designed for you. Beva our Teacher is in Service of Jesus Christ and God, she is annointed to heal and masterfully trained.

For all of you that desire a deeper understanding of the spiritual world, Beva will be guiding us through a mapping system of the Human Etheric Body at the Auric Dimension.

This Course will strengthen your knowledge through Beva’s experiential method of teaching about the non-physical dimensions.

Beva will be with us for 4 hours to teach us about the subtle realms of existence and hopefully draw designs on our whiteboard to activate a profound experience, insights and Aha moments 🙂 : ) ♥

The core teaching content of the course depends on each and every one of you! Ask & you will receive.

After booking your spot, submit all questions that you have concerning the energy field and your personal experience to

All these questions will form the main frame of the Teaching experience.

Everyone with a true passion for healing through the non-physical world is welcome.

Please bring with you pen & paper (journal), water and snacks to keep you able bodied you won’t want to leave your seat!

Early bird price until 5/12 : 110euros | Late bird price: 150euros

Thank you,
Sofia Markou
RSVP: +30 697 7040841

To read more about Beva or to book a personal session contact Sofia Markou or visit

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