About Beva

Welcome!  I am a clairvoyant energy healer. This means that I can greatly affect the physical body by working with and affecting change to the subtle energy bodies that correlate to each chakra.  Holding my client into my awareness allows for a extremely deep experience of the true self.  Within a few moments as my energy field connects to you, you begin to resonate at my vibrationally frequency.  With clairvoyance, and empathic abilities I am able to see my client’s aura and help them heal their wounding, and pain body by the movement of consciousness, and ushering in the higher self.

I make the non-physical world accessible, and easy to learn about.  My clients become empowered by my teachings, making wholeness and fulfilment achievable.

Barbara Brennan Healer
My sister, me and my mother at Barbara Brennan Austria.

My wish is to create a new mapping system that may hold, and further the movement of meditation, astral travel/trance, healing, and natural unfoldment of the self as a combined system of the Etheric Body. Through this website I have began that mapping, and I feel honoured to contribute to the field of Life and Afterlife.


I am a graduate of  Dr. Barbara Ann Brennan‘s

Barbara Brennan Healer
Accepting my diploma from Laurie Keene, dean of Barbara Brennan School of Healing Austria.

4 year intensive study of the Human Energy Field, named Barbara Brennan School of Healing, Austria.  Dr. Brennan mapped the 4 dimensions of the Human Energy Field, and brought to the world the leading scientific method of applied hands-on-healing.  Healing for the physical body in severe illness, to unlocking the soul and uniting with spirit, clearing emotional traumas, as well as enlivening organs and ancient cellular wisdom. Her contribution is the foundation for our New Age movement, she is our western ‘Mother of Spirit’. My official title having graduated the school is, Barbara Brennan Practitioner.  The school of Barbara Brennan is an institution of integrity both for the healer, but also for the clients we treat.  The school is aligned to the light and highest well being of ourselves and our clients, making me a clear member of the light workers of the world on the path of healing. Her most treasured and famous book is Hands of Light.

I am also a formal student of Robert Monroe‘s life work in astral projection, and essentially all that is beyond the physical HealingwithBevabody.  I am a graduate of the Gateway Voyage – Robert Monroe Foundation Italy – the practice of traveling through altered states of consciousness, while remaining awake, communication with spirit and heightening of clairvoyant ability.  A deeply spiritual study of psychic phenomena which helped me to unlock my higher chakras, navigate altered states of consciousness, and out of body exploration.  A truly life changing and incredibly non-physical study.   His most famous book is Journey’s Out of the Body.

Irene Tobler
Myself and teacher Irene Tobler in Spain for Psychoenergetics.

I have also completed one year of PscyhoEnergetic training in Spain, a non -interference based therapy, which allows the client to unfold, rather than be prodded by the therapist, resulting in the clients gained sense of control in the territories of pain and discomfort, and self-realised safety and self-esteem which produces healing from within, held in the safety of the therapists presence and reflection.  Michael Mervosh and Irene Tobler are incredible healers and teachers, who brought me out of my mind, and safely into myself.  I hope to carry their teachings, integrity, and knowing into all my work in the future.