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Working with Energy, means working within The Human Energy Field, as well as working within the Universal Energy Field.

Throughout dedicated years of practice, my awareness has grown, my psychic abilities greatly enhanced, as well as my connection to the light and love of God and Jesus Christ.  I am not affiliated with, nor baptised in any religion.

I work with many high spiritual beings such as Holy Mary, Archangel Michael, as well as crossed over humans, ascended masters, and of course the higher self of my clients.

The Human Energy Field, and it’s corresponding chakras are best described as the Vehicle of God. It is through the Human Energy Field, or the Vehicle of God that we may receive and communicate with God Himself.  Ultimately all contracts with the darkness must be wiped out, and new contracts of love and light must be formed for miracles to occur.

Healing work with me has no limitation, since every desire can be found and worked with in the field.  Woundings may heal, psychic abilities may grow through correct mirroring and validation, and life may be transformed.

Energy medicine is about clearing away the false self, beliefs, energetic blockages that make up the pain body which inhibit homeostasis and the natural innate ability to inhabit a human body as the spirit you are.

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