Experience Energy Medicine

What is an energy healing like?

During an online healing, I will be able to psychically read your aura, chakra 1 – 7 as well as working into the higher chakras 8 – 12 the highest etheric body.  I use my empathic clairvoyance to track my client’s emotional body.  I use my clairvoyant sight to find the limiting mental blockages, and limiting beliefs, and safely dismantle them to merge with my client’s higher self.  Teaching my clients how to observe their own mind allows them to find new ways for connection and wholeness to overwrite the old outdated limitations.

I help my clients to regress into and beyond childhood, infant, teenage, woundings which unlocks important frozen soul energy, the gifts of your current incarnation, and allows the youthful and bright soul to merge with the grown up and continue on a life of purpose and joy.

I use all my healing skills including clairvoyance to meet my client’s past life / lives.  This incredible reach fills my clients with a sense of relief, memory , knowledge, comfort, and unbinds the incarnate soul from his/her karmic knots. Past life healing is incredible when a client is suffering for seemingly mysterious reasons, that feels totally unmatched to this lifetime’s woundings.  Karma seeks only resolve, and it is possible to make resolution peacefully.  The extra benefit is that when the client reconnects to this past life, and receives the impact of that life -the lessons and knowledge gained flow naturally into the incarnate soul of today, you- the client.

Healing physical ailments/sickness/dis-ease processes etc. is an important aspect of my practice.  All physical reality is a result of the higher energies which your physical body is made up of. Your physical body, though it seems oh so real, oh so permanent, and o h so dense, is really a collection of vibrations.  Healing physical ailments, is ABSOLUTELY a possibility.  My energy healing sessions works in compatibility with any medical method you may be undertaking, as well as complements any therapy you are pursuing.  It is of high importance however, and central to my healing practice, to allow the ‘problem’ to reveal it’s true nature – Guidance.  Nothing is going wrong in your body, that isn’t simply trying, to go right.

In every energy healing, I extend my own energy body to encompass that of my clients, this allows for the most important healing tool of all –  the client can EXPERIENCE for herself all psychic phenomena and develop them throughout, and after a healing session.  My field vibrates at a very high frequency, and through harmonic resonation, I can ‘lift’ the clients field to join my vibration.  This allows for the higher self of the client to form strengthened relational ties to his/her own higher self.  A healing that keeps on giving.

My greatest pleasure is to teach my clients, with ease and fun, how to do all that I do.  My goal is for you to be your own healer, I am just a guide along the journey to your soul’s awakening.

I realised very early that each client is totally different and unique, I do not use rigid guidelines during a Healing, because each person needs a unique set of healing skills to produce favorable results.  If you and your friend have a healing, they will look and feel completely different.  Your higher self guides me throughout the session, and I work within the present, the unique path we will take through your healing journey is a live & spontaneous.

How many Healings do I need?

Since every one of us is unique, it is hard to make a rule.  I recommend working through 10 sessions, in order to remodel, rewire, and be totally capable of holding up the changes we make in your energy field.  It is okay, to work less, or more, but for those of you orientated towards results,  expect 10 sessions spread weekly, for our work to reach the physical body, and physical life.