Online Session

Online Sessions

I use my high sense perception including clairvoyant sight, empathic sensitivity and HigherSelf intuition to perform healing of your Chakras, Aura, Hara, Core Star, and essentially your multi-dimensional being.

What you may expect by having a session:

  • Past Life knowledge, and reconnection
  • Childhood Regression
  • Unraveling Karmic Knots
  • Trauma healing
  • PTSD healing
  • Connect to deceased loved ones
  • Physical healing
  • Connection to your guide/HigherSelf 
  • Experience your Energy Body 
  • Vibrational Alignment
  • Manifesting your true self and life
  • Connecting to your life purpose
  • Learning how to still the mind
  • Developing Clairvoyance
  • Grounding
  • Akashic and Present Life Memory Restoration
  • Ascension – Chakras 8 – 15

The soul unfolds itself to me, and I simply heal what your HigherSelf leads me to.  

To Book You First Session:

Three Simple Steps to Book your First Session in Just a Few Minutes: 

Book Your Skype Healing Now:

Three Simple steps to book your session:

1.  Tell Beva about yourself and what you would like her to work on

Send email to

Include the part of the world you live in, and convenient dates or times.

2. Make your secure payment:

Once your email is received, a confirmation email will be returned to you to schedule the appointment, followed by a link for payment request via Paypal, or Bank.

3. Important technical information to begin our healing work:

1. Install Skype , I also use FaceTime, and Telephone if internet is unavailable.

2. Test your skype call quality, do not download or upload during a healing session for better connectivity.

3. Make sure you have a video camera, most laptops have a video pre-installed, test it before we meet in order to have no unnecessary delays

4. Purchase headphones if desired, to hear better and be heard better (not a requirement)

5. Arrange for a quiet space for us to meet, in privacy where you can feel comfortable to express yourself.  If we have plans to also have a long distance healing, feel free to be on your couch or near your bed.

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Would you like to prepare yourself with some idea of what to expect?  Please click here to read more about energy healing and prepare yourself for our work together.

Thank you for your Booking!