Couple Healing

Couple Healing is about discovering new ways to understand your loved one.  Be reunited at the soul level, clean your energetic cords, heal traumas and find new ways to communicate.

A couple, a relationship, is a sacred vehicle that propels us forward in life. Difficulties in any relationship are necessary friction, and contrast for growth, but must be understood and humbly surrendered to in order to move forward and continue to grow together.

Reframing, and redirecting a relationship towards wholeness, and tenderness and unconditional love, with new ways to be and let be is an exquisite healing experience.

Beva uses clairvoyance, and empathic sensitivity to see through the current issue, and thusly, help a couple see through the pain and meet instead in unity and growth.

Sessions last 1.5 Hour, and Cost 150 Euro.

Sessions may be done via Skype, or live in person in Glyfada, Greece.

To Book You First Session:

Email Beva at