Long Distance Healing

Long Distance Healing is for individuals who cannot speak in English to have a Skype Session, or for clients currently hospitalised, or traveling, or otherwise unable to connect via another means.

Once the time is agreed, clients will inform Beva of the presenting issue, and simply lay down at the given time while she performs multi-dimensional healing work for one hour.

She will then transcribe the healing into written form, describing exactly what she did, and what she found for the client to know about – including the client’s HigherSelf guidance.

Clients may expect pain relief, physical healing, mental relaxation, higher vibrational lightness and hope.  Deeper connection to the self, and what the self is trying to evolve for the betterment of the client’s life.

Experience the Wonder of Long Distance Energy Healing

“Our non-physical bodies are connected via energy links, concentration, intention, love and of course our natural connection as one holographic consciousness.   Over time as a healer I have mastered the ability to project my energy body and consciousness to be with my clients regardless of the time or the distance.  Time and space limitations are irrelevant the moment I was able to work consciously with the Etheric Body, therefore accessing multiple dimensions of consciousness at once.  Very few of my healing sessions are in person anymore, since this gift has transformed into normality for me.  Meeting a person via energy instead of physically is a much faster way to heal, in my experience, and is normal when you fully understand that your physical reality and self is a reflection and result of your subtle energy bodies.” – Beva


Book Your Long Distance Healing Now:

Three Simple steps to book your session:

1.  Tell Beva about yourself and what you would like her to work on

Send email to healingwithbeva@yahoo.com

Include the part of the world you live in, and convenient dates or times.

2. Make your secure payment:

Once your email is received, a confirmation email will be returned to you to schedule the appointment, followed by a link for payment request via Paypal, or Bank.

3. Important technical information to begin our healing work:

(Hospitalized, or individuals unable to be in direct contact with me can disregard step 3, we will set a time & date and meet energetically)

1. Install Skype, I also use FaceTime, and Telephone if internet is unavailable.

2. Test your skype call quality, do not download or upload during a healing session for better connectivity.

3. Make sure you have a video camera, most laptops have a video pre-installed, test it before we meet in order to have no unnecessary delays

4. Purchase headphones if desired, to hear better and be heard better (not a requirement)

5. Arrange for a quiet space for us to meet, in privacy where you can feel comfortable to express yourself.  If we have plans to also have a long distance healing, feel free to be on your couch or near your bed.

Disclaimer: A long distance healing can be purchased by a friend or family member, however, it is imperative that the client be informed of this healing to be.  If your friend or family member is not able to communicate to approve such a healing, I will need consent from the legal guardian.  If this is also unavailable I will accept to work with this client, however, in some instances of extreme disease my healing work will compliment their dying process, and non-physical journey.  I heal for the highest good of an individual, under all circumstances.  Healing, is more important than curing.  And being alive in the physical, though it is very important for friends and family, may not be what the client wishes.  I will also align myself to the higher self of the individual in my care.