Group Healing Athens

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Getting out of my comfort zone, coming back to my roots.

“I am going to go to the root of all my adult self’s birthing, and I am probably going to cry my eyes out just like now, in a state of wonder at the way the world works, awe for the beauty in tragedy, and gratitude for the drastic removal of the need for comfort in my life so that I may be free to actually live it.”

A guide for insomniacs.

Seeing your own mental garbage for what it is, is a part of your insomniac teaching. It is not easy, but essential to understand that you have a mental dumping zone that you are not dealing with, because you do not know how.

Unraveling Karmic Knots

A painful stir of some ancient memory shines through in the energy field, once the past life and karmic knot is found, a sense of relief pours in and feeds the aching, gaping, hole. That ghost like image, shows me everything necessary to heal. I only channel for my clients, what is useful – if you are feeling fear as you read this. USEFUL is king.

Either you’re CRAZY or I have enraged you! A look into Passive – Aggression.

Sympathy, is giving somebody an excuse for behaving cruelly, that is care-taking not love.

I don’t like sympathy, sympathy is believing that a person has limitations to wellness. To find true sympathy, the word has to change into compassion. One must be honest, something rage blind spots prevent. Being honest means going to Ego jail, soul searching, feeling all the horrible embarrassment of your own actions, and then your awareness, humility and heartfelt wish to become more than this can lead to the gold in the dragon cave — awareness and comfort no matter what.