A guide for insomniacs.

Seeing your own mental garbage for what it is, is a part of your insomniac teaching. It is not easy, but essential to understand that you have a mental dumping zone that you are not dealing with, because you do not know how.

Passive or Active Meditation?

The awakened mind is vast and complex, held by universal energy laws that the regular waking mind struggles to understand, and therefor, one would reconsider giving the regular waking mind the driving seat in unknown conscious territory. It is more useful to let the regular waking mind fall into a state of observation and even wonder. Like watching a captivating movie. The regular waking mind could be seen then as a sponge, a data base of all experiences. For the untrained mind, experiences which are non-physical, energetic, sensational, intuitive, explorative, clairvoyant and beyond the scope of human physical capability are often buried by the regular waking mind. Think of this phenomena, the mind/split, like a spam box for everything outside of basic physical understanding. The awakened mind, the entire point of meditation, is to have access to the capabilities of your soul, and understand the spiritual essence of one’s human life.