Thank you.

It is you, my client, who has been central to my development as a Psychic Healer.  You have allowed me to grow, and try new things.  Your interest in healing encouraged me to continue on, and encouraged me that I was doing something right.   

Through times when I could barely utter “I am a healer” in public, you kept coming, helping me to do what my soul knew how to do.  You brought us together, in miracles and pain.  Creating a human connection through our flaws and excellence, we joined paths, two independent souls bearing the internal tundra, the unknowns, and finding against everything we once knew, that healing is real.  The self is real.  The potential endless.  Serving each other’s highest good.  Your needs to heal, have long meet my desires to offer healing.  Together, we change, starting from the inside, and offer our new selves to the ever changing collective consciousness. Together, we are creating a new world.

I offer my sincere gratitude, and bow to each of your unique, precious, souls,


Read below what people are saying about Beva:

Again, THANK YOU for all of your insights! You’ve provided me with the tools, faith, and confidence to make difficult changes in my life. I’m overflowing with gratitude! So glad I clicked on that article with your interview. It was not a coincidence! I’m sure of that.

Emmy, Greece

Excerpt from the article: “…After booking our session via email, we “meet” one afternoon on Skype and, after a few minutes of brief introductions, the session begins. Very early into the session, Beva tells me that my childhood self (aged 3-5 years) “is present with us” and that she is trying to tell me something. It turns out this 5-year-old-girl, who developed what Beva describes as a “survival mechanism,” is now asking to be released of this chore, as she has acknowledged that my experienced, capable, adult self can more than take it from here, thank you very much. I go with the flow and, through a series of breathing and meditational exercises, we “connect” outside of our physical bodies and work to clear this “agreement” that I made with my childhood self some 30 years ago.

Throughout I feel an intense light-headedness, which Beva says is a sign of releasing trapped energy and opening up, and a light buzzing current going through my body, from my first (base) chakra all the way up to above my head. At some point Beva asks whether she can lay her hands on me and when I agree, I feel a strong wave of ticklish tingles on my shoulders – when I asked her where she laid her hands and she told me they were resting on my shoulders, I felt goose bumps.

Our session included more revelations and visions about me from Beva that I would rather not share here, and many of them were based on very specific information that she “saw” in my energy field. With Beva, I felt things happening in and around my physical body during our session (now over a month ago – I wanted to wait and see whether the effects would last) and ever since. I have indeed felt like a weight has been lifted from me, and my outlook, and reactions in many situations, has, surprisingly, changed to a considerable degree (for the better).”

Alexia, Greece

“It is a fact that I was waiting for a BBSH graduate in this area of the world (Greece) for a long time, and Beva was the first to arrive. So yes, I knew what I was searching for, after spending a remarkably long time with psychologists and psychiatrists, and yet still having a big gap—a big need for understanding and finding answers. That was my situation when I started to work with Beva over a year ago, and it didn’t take much time to be proved and to be felt what I previously had read about. Our first healings seemed to be miraculous as it seemed that she was making me feel very grounded, expanded, in touchScreen Shot 2015-01-13 at 16.28.37 with my feelings as rarely I was able to achieve in the presence of any other human, including my very close family members. I tried many ways of healing with her; private face to face sessions with or without hands -on-healing application, sessions with family members and relationships, group applications and seminars of her with other healers, Skype sessions, etc. Of course “that magic” was not something coming from her to me, but rather something co-created, or something that I create and feel being reflected off of a conscious state of the healer. If I learned anything about the art of healing through being the patient, or the client, it is that a good healer acts like a mirror: she/he reflects you back to yourself, helps you see yourself in the mirror without distortions (or with less distortions to the maximum of his/her abilities), without getting attached, getting offended by or defensive about the thoughts/feelings/behaviour patterns of the patient, thus allowing the patient to play and finally drop his defense mechanisms. A good healer is the person who will stay at the moment with you, share your moment with you and let you pass through your wound, and Beva is very good at that. Also, cutting edge methods for healing such as regression therapy, breathing techniques and hands-on-healing applications that she incorporates are some of the tools for a holistic therapy that I have experienced and they have worked perfectly for me. Good Job!”

 Gregory, Turkey

“When I first met Beva I thought : “Oh my god! She is so sweet”, my second impression was that she was very peaceful and comprehensive. She was looking at me with all of her love and she was so much in contact with me. I could trust her from our first session.   Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 16.07.36I remember that when she gave me for the first time the chelation she told me “Trust me. These hands are powerful!”, and yes I agree! I trusted her with all of my soul and it was awesome! In one particular healing (hara healing) I remember that when I opened my eyes I was feeling bigger! I left her institute and I was looking around like the first time in my life! I was feeling so different! Everytime she was giving energy in my fifth chakra I could smell chamomile! For me chamomile is a very powerful healing herb and that smell made me feel more relax and trustful. Her healing place always was so energetically clean, and I was feeling very good energy. Besides all the above with Beva I realised many things. She helped me a lot to understand, for example, what I have to do with my parents. Generally, what I remember from my experience with Beva is  her love and her power! She is a beautiful person with a very sweet soul!”

Zoi, Greece

Beva has her unique way of giving healing, I have not found anywhere else. A session with her feels loving and precise, Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 16.11.42delicate and to the point, congruent and delightful.
Both talking with her and her energy sessions helped me gain perspective and depth to whatever situation i was going through. Let’s just say that working with her has been essential to my spiritual path and emotional process.

– Santiago Palacios, Ecuador


“I had no an idea about energy healing and concepts like energetic fields, emergence of the soul, inner self awareness, when i decided to have a healing with Beva in 2007. Curiosity was my only motivation and a persisting pain in my knee the concentration part. The outcome was not only an impressive healing of the part of my physical body, but also an amazing spiritual experience. It was both a realization of a block that i had in one of my energetic fields and an overwhelming feeling caused by a “blast” of reactions in my higher energetic fields, all triggered by deep breathing and of course charismatic Beva. The next healings took place only after a few years and almost every healing was a new episode. Experiences like envision , expansion and deep state of awareness, body resistance and manifestation are events hard to express in words. Through healing I have met various aspects of myself and have realised that besides the physical, emotional or mental help that someone can have, healing can inevitably work as a stroke of an insight and lead to a deeper understanding of human nature. “

– Pavlos, Greece

It´s her presence…I started out as one of her practice clients and I fell in love with her work and how it changed me and my lifesteffi2010from sickness and fragmented-ness to health and wholeness. I have been with Beva for many years now and if there is something I get stuck in, she is the one I go to… she could always read my heart and see deep into my soul, see my wounded-ness and strength, see the whole picture of who I am. She helped me to reconnect to my emotions, a big part of me that was lost, and by that to reconnect to my inner strength, power and beauty again. She guided me through many dark nights and always helped me to see the light again. She enabled me to stand on my own two feet, strong, yet loving and live a life full of joy, depth, and adventure.  Her work is so beautifully complex, eclectic, yet so simple and it works… she is present with me, no matter what I throw her way, and that´s the most beautiful gift to be given! Beva is still part of my journey to this day and I love her deeply! I am forever grateful to have this beautiful, kind, strong, fierce, compassionate and loving woman at my side!

– Stephanie Orion, Greece

I met Beva at a very difficult point in my life and as I came to realise later. Challenges are never sent to you without also receiving landmarks to find your way out. Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 15.59.17My sessions with Beva have been one of those landmarks! The first thing I appreciated greatly, was her ability to make me feel safe. I felt that I could share anything with her and with her support, I gradually felt more relaxed to open up (something generally difficult for me). We met for 6 or 7 sessions and throughout this time; I came to realise a lot of things about my unconscious and about patterns in my life that I had not seen before. This helped me be more conscious to the way I react to certain situations and understand certain fears I’ve been dealing with. Also, the energy healing she offered helped me become stronger emotionally and more confident about myself.

When leaving Beva after a healing, I felt more optimistic about what the future had in store, my energy levels and consciousness having expanded and my soul having received the attention it had been crying for! 

– Evanthia Bas., Greece

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  1. Healing with Beva was a wonderful and unique eperience!!

    I have had a burn out 3 years ago. My nervous system has collapsed in to the point that I could’t walk or even hold a glass of water. That situation had brought fear and panic on the surface.. I moved to Mykonos where I met Beva and we have been working together through the year I spent there.

    I will never forget our first meeting.. I saw an angel coming and sitting next to me!! I was astonished by the beauty of her light and presence! My heart knew I had agreat therapist in front of me…
    .Although there was a luck of money at that time, I said yes and in a magical way money has always appeared for my therapies!

    I am a new being today! New body, new soul connected to my higher self, to God.I am healthy, strong, in love with life! Darkness and wounds have dissappeared.

    Thank you Beva! I am so grateful! You brought us together in pain and miracles!
    You will always be my therapist, my friend, my teacher!

    Eleni , Greece

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